Two paintings' progress, & Sunday online painting

Hi Everyone!

I'm trying out an idea for the background of this painting. I went through some other photos taken in Peru and came across a display of blankets and cloth, this particular piece among them. The center stripe is a fuchsia and I didn't think I could make it with the paint colors I had at the gallery, so left the canvas white and will try to go shopping for paint that will work. Here's the fuchsia 'Photoshopped' in, if badly:

What do you think of this idea? I'm still open to options. Really. If you've got thoughts, I want to hear them!

I painted about 3 hours today on the painting below, moving the horse's mouth to the right a quarter inch and reshaping its nostril and fiddling some with the halter and refining the shading of its face and neck. The changes aren't dramatic, but they made me feel lots better. And that's what it's all about- me feeling good! I still need to work on the woodgrain of the stall wall and do lots of highlights on the mane and forelock, and repaint the dark background so light won't hit the sideways strokes so blatantly. I'm starting to really like this painting.

I'm going to paint online tomorrow at 1 p.m. Central time at and I'd love it if you joined me. You can watch without registering, but if you register on Ustream and then log in, you can chat with the others watching... and with me! When you register, Ustream will send an email which you'll need to open and then click on a link to verify that it's actually you who registered. So go to the show a bit early to take care of that first if you haven't already!
I think I may paint a self portrait from a mirror set up by the easel and I challenge you other artists to do the same... either at the same time as I, or afterward... and post it on your blogs or send me a photo!


Jo Castillo said...

I love bright colors so really like the addition of fuchsia. That will be perfect. It must have been some holiday by the way, there are no flowers daily on the altiplano where the Peruvians dress like this. High above the tree line and cooool at night. :) The horse is looking so fine, too.

Sorry I won't get to paint with you tomorrow, you don't want to see my mug anyway. :(

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

I like the fuchsia, it really adds to the painting, which by the way, is fabulous!

Bonnie Mann said...

I am loving the background for the Peruvian girl. Great choice!
And the horse and guy painting, I can see why you are pleased with it. Looking good.
I will try to paint with you today. Thanks for the sharing you do.

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Okay, I'm going to dissent: I love this painting of the girl with her puppy but I'm not crazy about the strong colors and stripes in the background. I think they compete too strongly with the patterns and colors in her costume, drawing your eye away from delicacy of the face and flowers.

Great painting of the man and his horse -- he has such a wonderful smile!

theresamillerwatercolors said...

Susan, I love to see how these two paintings have developed so far - fantastic! I love the background (fuschia addition is terrific, BTW) and the horse is looking better and better. Congrats!

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the two hours watching you paint and also chatting with the other viewers last night. (afternoon, for you) I am looking forward to joining you next time, again. Thank you for being so generous to share your wonderful knowledge. It was magical!