two finishes

I think I'm done with the commissioned kitty. Waiting to hear from the buyer about whether the chair is ok. Since the evening was still young, I tracked down the reference photos I took when it was clear I couldn't finish up the one of the interior in the amount of time we had, and revisited Libby's nice living room perched high up over the Hill Country. The drive to Ingram and back today was nice. One of the staff asked if I might consider teaching a workshop out there this year. Nice facility! I'll try to put together a proposal for them and see what happens. I sold a small painting at River Art Gallery on Tuesday while I was working there. Very nice. Love those gals I work with.
Have a great New Year's eve!

Pastel self-portrait

Ok, I'm sleepy. Did this on between midnight and three am last night. Taking it out to the Self-Ish Show at Ingram in a few minutes. I just called and it's not a show with awards! Oh well, it got me playing in the pastels again. The reception for it is on the 14th, in case anyone wants to go out with me to see all the self portraits of artists. Patty came over at 10 pm last night and we took lots of photos, trying to come up with references for a portrait. There are a couple other photos which have potential, too.

Further development of the kitty painting

Well, I'm a little further along on this baby. I'm liking it better. Still more to go.

Nighty, Aphrodite.

Beginning of commissioned painting of cat

This is the underpainting of a commissioned oil I started tonight. Watched Project Runway on Bravo and painted this evening. The chair needs to be redrawn, otherwise it's a good start, I think. Will post others as I progress.

Night, All!

Home from Phoenix

So great to spend time with my folks these last few days. On the flight home I got lots of thinking done about the next few paintings and organizing my thoughts about the deadlines and competitions ahead. Even snapped a couple of photos of travelers waiting in the terminal, thinking there may be paintings there, too. I see that I need to cut back on anything that isn't painting for the next couple of months. A simple, sweet Christmas, a YaYa party, and a Goddess Salon brunch. All else will be art-related for the next few weeks. I'll post images as I go. eBay may not get many new works from me for a while, but I'll try to keep it going in a minimal way. Two auctions ended while I was gone yesterday. Shipping them out on Monday.
Time to settle in with flannel jammies and a glass of wine.
Good to be home.

Time Warp

My daughter and I are visiting my parents in Phoenix. My daughter's 24th birthday is today and I've been swirling between memories of her birth and my circumstances then vs. now, and between ideas of my current age and the age of my parents... 77. We went for a walk tonight and they outpace me easily. Their lives are full and busy as mine is now. My sister dropped us at the airport yesterday and we had a short conversation in the car about how big changes can happen easily in your life if you stay tuned to the flow. I'm mulling on that as it seems I'm on the edge of some significant transition. Art? Location? Career? She's heading to Africa in January to visit a man we knew as children there, all due to an amazing series of synchronic events. Magical things seem to happen if you state your desires clearly and then get out of the way and let the universe do its work to bring them to you. First order of business- stating desires clearly.
Feel free to comment.

New portrait start

This is the start of a portrait of Gene Watchful Hawk, a fellow who modeled for us at Coppini yesterday. We only got two hours with him, but I took some photos and hope to do justice to his beautiful spirit with the completion of the painting.

What was I thinking when I said I wanted to finish the novel this month? Cancel that. Put a nice black line through that item on my list, as it's not a-happenin'. I'm going to just try to get through this month sane and smiling. Quite enough of a challenge if you ask me.

Our Texas Ambassador of the Portrait Society of America sent out an email today with a link to my ebay auctions. For the first time in months I had no paintings listed! So I raced around and listed the one of Harry in Red. Whew! Of course, the auction now ends in the middle of the day, so who knows? It's not a great time for an auction to end. Folks are at work, usually. I'll add on a little landscape or two later tonight.

Wednesday I drove down to Corpus Christi to visit with an excellent painter, Kimberley Dow. She was extraordinarily generous with her time and helpful energy. I wonder at the fact that I stayed so solitary in my artistic efforts for so many years. I've gained so much by being in contact with other artists these last three years, and I hope I've offered as much support as I've received.

If you read this, please take a moment to leave a comment. It's disheartening to write these blog entries and not know if anyone cares that I did.

Enjoy your holiday preparations!
Only now beginning to catch the spirit,

Two starts at the Paint Out

The profile is 9x12 oil on canvas panel of my friend Kat. The blue background is not nearly so intense in real life. More of a pale, washed out blue. Don't know why my camera punches up the blues like that. The landscape is a 16 x 16 oil on side-wrapped stretched canvas from a photo of an online acquaintance's land in West Virginia. Still very much a work in progress. The barn may have to go, for one thing. I'll look at it again tomorrow. Such good conversations with the other artists there! Perfect weather to be outdoors, too. Now sleep is asking for me.

Painting at Coppini

As you can see, I didn't have time to get the hand painted, but I took photos and will try to finish up here at home. And, I do see that I've painted the light side of his neck too high in value, so much may need to be adjusted and tweaked as I go. Thought I'd show you all what I have so far. Harry was a great model today. Very relaxed, it seemed. If you're seeing this, Harry, THANK YOU!