Mission Statement and Goals...

I watched Randy Pausch's video lecture on Time Management this week and he pointed out the difference between doing things right and doing the right things. It's over an hour long, but I believe it's time well spent. Check it out.

It's occurred to me a few times lately to wonder if I'm doing the right things to get me where I want to go. That, of course, prompted me to ask where I wanted to go! I tried to peer into the foggy future and picture myself there, but I decided the better question was what I want to do with my time in the Now. Then I thought an even better question is how I want to feel.

I know I want to feel happy. Sometimes excited, sometimes peaceful, but certainly happy. I want to enjoy the entire process of painting and of teaching. I want to feel a postitive anticipation for the next day's work, expecting to learn even more about being a better artist, a better teacher, a better friend, a better businessperson... I want that feeling that I'll keep growing, that I'll find pleasure in building on my skills. I want to feel that I have something valuable to offer to others- paintings, encouragement, help for artists who've not yet surpassed my current skills. Put very simply, I want to be a happy force for good in the world! That's not too much to want, is it?

So, knowing that this mission statement is always up for revision, this is what it is today:

The purpose: (What are the opportunities or needs I wish to address?) To make a good living happily as an ever-improving artist and teacher/encourager of other artists.

The business: (What do I do to address these opportunities and needs?) Paint portraits for people who wish to honor and celebrate their loved ones. Create art that describes and shares the beauty in the world around me. Offer what I know of painting and the business of painting to other artists in such a way that empowers everyone involved.

The values: (What principles or beliefs guide my work?) Belief that the time and effort spent making art that honors and celebrates the beauty in the world, benefits the artist and the viewer and the world. More simply: making art and helping artists helps us all.


Now, these are the things I want to do this month:

  1. Give Blog workshop August 23rd. Continue exploring ways to present it online. (I'm making headway!)
  2. Decide on one painting to do for portfolio to represent higher end of fee schedule. Begin that painting.
  3. Look into opportunities for 2 competitions in the remaining part of this year.
  4. Finish two current commissions.
  5. Paint three small paintings each week and post on eBay or perhaps offer on blog and newsletter.

Next month:

  1. Revamp website.
  2. Give Portrait workshop in Seguin, September 23-24.
  3. Finish portfolio painting from August.

Ok, wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Good luck, Susan. That's an ambitious list! I think this idea of posting our goals on the internet is just what I need to keep myself on track. I'm going to try it, and we can all encourage each other.

Ann Reyes said...

Susan, I think this is a great idea! I'm not good at verbalizing my thoughts, but I do keep long-term and a short-term "to do" lists (goals).

I'm sorry I wasn't able to watch your Sunday painting session. I want to see the video, though. Joel is just precious! You're so good!

Karen Jensen said...

Don't forget to eat and sleep in the mean time! Your mission statement is lovely.

Lynda said...

I loved your painting for "Minnesota Matron" - fabulous! And, it led me to your site - your portraits, and all your other paintings are just beautiful.

Susan Carlin said...

Thanks, Deborah, Ann and Prof J- don't worry about me taking time to eat. It's the sleeping that's often iffy. Lynda- Welcome! and thank you very much. Minnesota Matron was sweet to publish the little painting. Size 2- Unbelievable.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Great mission statement, Susan - you're an inspiration, as always!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Great goals! I love how happiness and bringing value to the world is motivating you! Good luck with accomplishing them!

SharonWrightArtist said...

Hi Susan, nice to meet you. Love this blog and adore your portraits, aspirational. This last post definitely made me stop and think, because I am going in NO direction and I think very slowly. I shall visit often now that I have discovered you. And I wish you well in achieving your goals. You are something special.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Susan, This sounds well thought out. I think that is the hard part, putting it down in a physical way, so you as the artist can look at it.
And, then start checking things off as they are done.
I am going to follow your example, and write my own goals.
I think,(know) that i leave to much up to fate.
And, it is becoming all to real to me that I need to focus my goals.
Another problem that I am having right now is, my love of so many different art forms.
I paint portraits(my true art love), I can go and paint scenery, be a faux finish artist(doing interiors in peoples homes),I have painted furniture, I love making little fantasy drawings(my second art love).It is making me crazy.I feel a real panic in my art heart. Where do I put my energy? This is what I need to find out.
Anyway Susan, I am so glad you are exploring goals right now, because it is a subject that has been heavy on my mind lately.
sorry about my long story, but, I needed to put this out there.Any advice will be met with an open art heart.:)
Hugs from Amy

Stacey Peterson said...

Nice work Susan - looks like an ambitious list!! I think you'll find that having "put this out there" on your blog will really help you meet those goals. Good luck!

Frank Gardner said...

You seem to be a hard worker. I know that you will be able to reach all of those goals and more.