Joe, oil, 12" x 12"

I started this painting during one of my recent broadcasts and finished it over several days at my studio/gallery. It was a fun challenge to work out where the warms and cools were in his skin tones. I took the reference photo of a gracious visitor to the gallery who allowed me to take a few photos in response to my shameless begging. Thank you, Joe!

Tonight I'll be painting online at 7 p.m. Central, universe willing and the creek don't rise. Why don't you swing by around that time? I won't have a long session tonight, but always look forward to 'seeing' everyone and painting. Hope you'll drop in!

Reminder: My second Online Painting Workshop is coming up three Saturdays from now- April 17, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. $50. The subject will be a portrait, the reference for which I'll be sending this week to those who've registered. Send your family to the park for the day and pull up your easel to the computer- Let's paint a portrait together!

To register, follow this link:

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For those registering from the blog, use this button:

"See" you tonight!

Turkish Angora Kitten, 5" x 7" oil

This is one of those pure joy paintings. It's the eighth in a series of kitty faces I've painted for a fellow who's become a friend in the process. Saturday I was mentioning to a Turkish friend that I needed to look for an image of a new cat's face to paint for Bill, and she suggested a Turkish Angora cat. They were new to me, but I've discovered they are always white with one green eye and one blue eye. I painted it on a slick gesso-coated, not canvas, panel, which left lots of brush marks visible down to the white surface. At first that worried me, but later I decided I liked the look a lot. What do you think?
We're having a clear, beautiful day here in San Antonio. Spring is in full swing around here- the bluebonnets are rioting along the roads and the trees are that intense yellow green of early spring. Red bud trees are thrilling in their various shades of pink to neon fuscia, and the mountain laurel trees are heavy with their clusters of grape-bubble-gum-scented flowers... heady stuff. Hope you look for and enjoy all the beauty around you today!

Notre Dame Future finished...Persian kitten tomorrow...

I started this painting during my broadcasts, so those of you who join me while I'm painting live will recognize it. I had some days at the gallery to paint, so finished it up here. Quite an epic painting, yes? Notre Dame and the autumn landscape in the background was a great puzzle to figure out and each stone in the foreground needed to have its own character. Very little about this painting felt familiar or easy, so I feel extra proud at the completion of it. The parents of the little boys in the painting went to school and now work at Notre Dame.

Tomorrow I'll be painting a small (8"x10") painting of an adorable Persian kitten named Gilbert.
I hope you'll join me- at 7 p.m. Central.

New Online Workshop- This time: A Portrait!

I'm excited about offering a new online workshop- This time we'll paint a portrait on Saturday, April 17th. I'll be working in oil again this time, as will most of the participating artists, but you may use any medium you're most comfortable working in. In a week or so, I'll send the registered artists the supply list and the image we'll be using as our reference. Before the workshop I'll send the password and workshop online site. Midway through the workshop, each artist can participate in the "assessment and suggestion" session by sending me an image of her/his work-in-progress and receiving my assessment and suggestions. The workshop fee is $50. A DVD of the workshop will be available for $20. to those who took the workshop, and for $45. to others. You can register via PayPal below...

The workshop will start at 9:00 a.m. and will end around 4:30. The underlying technology is quirky and can cause some hiccups, but with good humor we all enjoyed the first workshop in February and are wanting to do it all again with new subject matter! I hope you'll join us!

April 17 Online Portrait Workshop