Time Out Bench

Time Out Bench, 14"x11" oil on stretched canvas
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Determined, 12"x9" oil on stretched canvas

Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast, 20"x20" oil on stretched canvas

Irish Blues

Irish Blues, 10"x8" oil in stretched canvas

The Photographer

The Photographer, 12"x9" oil on stretched canvas.

Cat Nap

Cat Nap 9"x12"oil on stretched canvas
This is the first of several painting with the same model as the subject. Kacie was a delight to work with. 

In The Studio


In The Studio, 24”x6”, oil on deep cradled painting panel.
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John Muir's Jug- First Painting I've Listed in Daily Paintworks!

John Muir's Jug - 9x12 oil on stretched canvas

Detail of John Muir's Jug
I visited the conservationist John Muir's homestead while in California two weeks ago, and found this jug and glasses on a shelf in the kitchen there.I loved the carved detail on the shelf front and the corrosion on the white enamel jug.  It's always a pleasurable puzzle to paint white objects with white only on the highlights.  This painting pleases me very much, and I'm tickled for it to be my very first in Daily Paintworks. Thank you David and Carol!

Not only did I get to paint most of today (Minus the making of meals, of course. Can't paint on an empty stomach, now can you?), but I get to post my first painting on Daily Paintworks. Here's to the beginning of a beautiful relationship!