Marble Falls Demonstration

These images are from last Thursday when I did a demonstration of a pastel portrait from a live model for the Highland Arts Guild in Marble Falls. What a gracious group! We've decided on a two-day workshop in July- the 13th and 14th- for portraiture either in oil or pastel. $100. If you can join us, let me know!

Completed painting

These children's mother and I have declared this painting finished. I really like how it turned out. In the original photo the children are far apart, the grassy area goes way on back before the road and the trees and hills beyond are a minor area behind. We've reordered reality to put the children in relationship to each other and to celebrate the West Texas landcape.

Now it's allowed to dry before varnishing, and that will dry before packaging and shipping North.

Progress on the dandelion painting/ Opening

I spent the day with my friends Mary and Donna painting today and got further along on this commissioned painting. At least all the canvas is covered now. Now I can begin painting details.
Donna painted a large watercolor of flowers along a fence and Mary worked on an oil landscape with water and a bridge. What a pleasure to have that time with them!
Tomorrow is the opening at the new RAC gallery. I have two paintings in the show. Everyone's welcome to come: 606 Embassy Oaks, Suite 400, San Antonio. 6-9 pm.