Commissioned Mother and Daughter

I got a good start on this 11"x14" oil on stretched canvas today. It's by no means accurate in terms of likeness yet. I'm only about three hours in. I'm going to warm the smile of the mother just a smidge, and close the daughter's eyes completely.
an hour or so into it-

I'm using this reference:
which is this one, rotated.


Barbara Pask said...

How sweet is this. I don't know if I would have thought to rotate it, that's why you are the "portrait master"


Well sue the rotate & the eyes closed sure do set the mood. going to be another good one.
A reply On the Picasa Pics,the icon. was that on my BLOG,& what number was the Pic?. I am not seeing that icon. Pete

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

I love this Mother, daughter pose. It says, "I love this Mommy of mine".
And, you are really catching that.~Amy~

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, Barbara, Pete and Amy!
Pete- Dec. 16th images.
Barbara- I do a lot of thinking about cropping, rotating, contrast, brightness, moving elements closer or farther from each other or the viewer before I start a painting. My idea of order of importance is
1.subject and composition
4.color (if color is used at all)
5.medium and technique.
Amy- I'm so glad that's coming across. It feels palpable as I'm painting it.


Hi sue,
I am lost for words,on that icon.
i will keep an eye open,if any info.
shows up. thanks,Pete