Peruvian Girl start, and Pete's painting lesson.

My student and friend, Alicia, went to Peru this spring and came back with wonderful photos- which she's offered to me as references for paintings! This girl is wearing a hat covered with real, cut flowers, a shirt covered with beautiful embroidery and carrying a puppy in her arm. I hope I can paint well enough to live up to all this richness.

I had a wonderful student today- Peter- who had his 14th birthday yesterday. He had never painted before. He can draw very well, though, and sketched this portrait out in pastel pencil on canvas this morning, then painted all afternoon. I'm so proud of his first efforts at painting. The photo he used is one from Happy Birthday, Pete!


Jo Castillo said...

Your Peruvian girl is looking great so far.

Fun to have students that are doing so well, a nice reflection on the teacher. Looks like he was painting with oils??

Nice work, both of you.

Dianne Mize said...

I'm so proud of Pete, too, but I'm proud of you as his teacher. Good teaching makes good students. And the Peruvian girl is an exciting start.

Hope to watch some of your painting your kitty, though I'll be late, but I'll sneak in an sit in the back and be real quiet. :)

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, Jo. Yes, this was his first painting, and he used oils. He's done lots of sketching before and used colored pencils and a few pastels before, but never wet paint. I think he did a great job of it!
Thank you, too, Dianne... And there's no need to sit in the back... come on down front when you get in- I'll save a seat for you!