Fast and Fun oil painting tonight

Well, this photo is of very wet paint in a room with fluorescent lights, so it's not showing up well, but had to show you how I spent my evening. Fast painting over a canvas I bought at a garage sale. Had the beginning of a seascape on it. I basically took a warm black and scrubbed in the background around the figure first until I had a reverse sillouette. Then I painted the figure in over the seascape underneath. This is of Harry, who's going to be the model at Coppini tomorrow, too.

Nighty night, All.

These three 12" x 9" canvas on rigid panel (Pintura) oil paintings were begun in Myra Knapp's landscape workshop early this month. It took me this long to get back to them and finish. The first two were from photos I'd brought with me, the last from one of Myra's photos. Another artist in the group chose that photo to work from, too, and had such a different look to hers from mine. Anyway, thought I'd show what I worked on last night. Hope to start something new this evening. One more patient, then I can start.

Back to painting!

So far I've just been finishing some starts I'd made, but it's good to get a brush wet again.
Thank you for the nice comments, folks! I still break out in happy dancing to think of getting those 50,000 words written in November (yes, you'd be embarrassed for me if you caught me at it!). I'm going to give the writing a rest for a few days then get back to it until it's done. Then Steven King says (in his book On Writing) to let it sit for 6 weeks or so before beginning the editing process. So, well, he's the King, so I say yessir. Six weeks it is.
I listed a couple of precious still life paintings on eBay today. They're scheduled to go on around 7:45 if I've figured correctly since you have to do it Pacific Standard Time. They're both ones I did after the photo session Becky and I did with her vintage pitchers and crockery and my fruit and sunflowers. Very tight and detailed. I love them. But eBay had a half price sale on the "Featured Plus" option which puts your painting in the first few pages vs. buried in the back 100. I figured this overly-frugal artist would use it as a sign to list them in auction.
Another thing I'm doing these days is putting my CDs on the computer so I can upload them to my way-too-much-fun new toy... my photo iPOD. Yes, I've become one of those people. Right now the music from the Garden State soundtrack i s playing and I've got happy ears.
There's a sale on a four day cruise to Cozumel out of Galveston January 16 for $219. in case some fun artist friend out there wants to go on a painting trip with me. It's a one-day sale, so speak up fast!

It's true. At 3:30 a.m. I uploaded my novel of 50,020 words to run it through the official word counter. I am a winner. I have the pdf file certificate printed here on my own printer to prove it. Sleep is mine again. I may not sit down for three days. But half the weekend is still ahead. Life is so good.
Time to get back to visual, 2D art now. We're talking paintings, friends. Haven't painted since last Thursday, and that's just plain wrong.

I need to sweep up some of this confetti and and make my way through the champagne corks and find my bed.
Night night.

Nice Thanksgiving

Hope you had a love-filled Thanksgiving, All.
Mine was sweet.

I was up late into the night getting the novel organized and back on track. I've got a long list of scenes to write now and a workable order for them to be placed, moving toward the conclusion. Such a interesting puzzle for my brain. At least my word count is on track. Not much ahead, but not behind.

French Vanilla coffee and an iPod full of music on Shuffle. Can a morning be any better?

Go make something, Ya'll.

37059... Eight more days of writing to go

My neck is better today. Still a bit limited, but not making me cry. I'll keep icing and will try not to spend too much time at the computer today.

I need to start bringing the story threads together and weave them into a coherent ending soon. The advice in "No Plot? No Problem!" is to get all the major parts written by the end of the 30 days and do any leftover fleshing-out in the editing process. I think it would feel better to do that, too. To have brought your characters to a conclusion. I'm rather far from that, actually, so I need to let go of some details and 'write down the bones,' as Natalie Goldberg has put it.

One patient today (and ONLY one, with any luck) and then I'm all about cooking, writing and painting.

Life is good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

All caught up on word count

Stayed up way too late last night and got my word count up to 33581. That's 241 words over. Trouble is, it's like doing the dishes. You get them all done and there are more to do in a few minutes. Now it's just 1667 per day, though. I'll try to work ahead to diminish the likelihood of sheer panic when life derails me, which it has a tendency to do. Just nine more days!
I'm liking my characters better now, thank goodness.

Woke up this morning with a neck that wouldn't bend without sending lightning bolts into my brain. Days like this, I know I'll be worse off than any of my patients, but it does have the effect of keeping me empathetic toward those in pain. That's a good thing, right? Right. Ouch.

Going to try to put the finishing touches on the little landscapes and get them listed, and maybe list the other one of the model, too. The painting of the Girl resting on her Schoolbooks went for way too little last night. That'll teach me to start auctions off on a starting bid that would hurt my feelings to sell the painting for. Sigh. But someone out there is going to love that painting and I've had my turn at loving it for two years now, so it's time for it to leave the nest now. Live and learn.

This week's paintings...

The painting (commissioned) of the couple was done from a black and white photo from 1974 for their 30th anniversary. 11x14.

The painting of the dog (also commissioned) was done from a jpg attachment to an email. 14x11

The two of the woman were done at Coppini on Thursday. Same model, but when I got the paintings home I played with the faces until they looked less the same. Both are 9x12 on panel.

I'm eager to paint something strictly of my own choosing now. Although I might go ahead and put the finishing touches on the three unframed landscapes from Myra's workshop first and list them.

Overslept this morning...up way too late. Going to a later Harry Potter showing.
The oranges from our tree are magnificent this year. Had FOUR before bedtime!
-Susan, Orange Glutton

Past 30,000!

30515, to be exact. Less of a deficit. 1168 behind. I'll make it up tomorrow and try to be ahead from here on out. The story is getting stronger, the characters more interesting. To me, that is. Who knows about to anyone else. Can't think about that at all.

Got to spend good time with Kim and Bob today. Listed a small painting. One ends tomorrow evening. Showing the eBay ropes. The few I know, anyway. Looking forward to more time with both of them. Good, good folk.

Harry Potter tomorrow. A deserved break to be simply spectator, absorber, enjoyer. Mmmm.

To sleep, perchance to dream.

Catching you up

Ok, so I'm just past the halfway mark of my 50,000 words goal. Trouble is, we're three days past the halfway mark of the month. Deficit. Where have we heard that word recently? The good news is my friend, Karen, had drawn some new connections and directions I hadn't imagined for my obedient characters. Bless you, Karen! Most of them are still being way too good, but at least some horrid things have happened to a couple of them.
I've painted a lot, as well. A double portait commission in oil. A miniature dachshound in oil. Today was a good day at Coppini- two small portraits. I listed on eBay a painting I did two years ago and loved so much I hadn't been willing to let it go... the girl resting on her schoolbooks.
I'm beginning to get some kind of grip after an unexpected reaction to Texas' vote regarding Proposition 2. It was a bit like going to Mexico without thinking to shield one's tender soul in preparation for the level of poverty. I woke up to the results of Proposition 2 and hadn't prepared myself for the quantification of the level of hate in this state. It hit me hard. There are people in my sphere who are going to have to go. Indiscriminate niceness on my part is a thing of the past. If you voted yes on Prop. 2, cut and run now. It isn't going to be pretty.

Four Small Landscapes

I've just completed three days of learning to love painting landscapes under the kind, discerning eye of Myra Knapp.
These aren't the best images.... taken under fluorescent light of wet paint... but I had promised to post them, so here they are. The framed one is 8"x6", and the others are 10"x8" all on panel.
I'm very pleased with what I learned and can't wait to put it to good use in the next landscape.
Sure enjoyed the good company of the other workshop participants this weekend.

Now I need to catch up with my word count quota on the novel., in case you want to jump in and write like crazy, getting 50,000 words down by the end of November.
I've met someone locally, Terrie, who has well over 38,000 words already! Blows my mind.

Go make something, ya'll.

Up to speed on the novel

Ok, so I was asleep, right? First time in days that I was going to get anywhere near eight hours. And in my sleep I remembered I needed to add to my word count on my novel. So, 45 minutes later, I'm now 68 words past my quota for 7 days worth. I really need one of my characters to do something naughty soon. They're all so dang GOOD.

I'd been piling up plastic containers on the kitchen counter to wash (Heloise? Can I put Glad storage containers in the dishwasher?) and hadn't made any real food in a few days due to my schedule lately. Tonight I washed everything and made a big batch of super tuna salad to live on another day until this workshop is over. I'm going back to bed and hope my brain doesn't discover anything else I forgot to do.

Night night.

Painting landscapes... a new love.

I did keep trying. I have to seriously give myself credit for that. And today it happened. I got it. I got why it's exciting. I got why it can be as challenging as a portrait. AS A PORTRAIT. A place, a simple representation of a place, can evoke strong emotion. The rhythm of the elements and the color harmony or disharmony can stir a person. Wow. I was a portrait chauvanist, I'm ashamed to admit. I see the light. Literally. The light washing across a field, being interrupted by a copse of trees and continuing just beyond can be breathtaking. I've painted three small landscapes in the last two days and have gotten the pounding heart and rapid breath which let me know I was completely involved. Old dog. New trick!

I'll post those and perhaps another tomorrow. The girl's cookin'! Can't wait to show you.

Go make something.

Walk right in to the Write-In!

Tonight was a laugh fest. Kathy came, and I got to meet Terrie, another participant in NaNoWriMo, and those two had me whirling and grinning trying to keep up with their quick wit. Robert with the beautiful smile joined us at our booth and we got to meet several other relatively mature participants, too. The majority of participants are under 22, it seems. Terrie had brought along an extra laptop for me to use so there was a moment there when we all were writing companionably in silence. Didn't last long. Someone would say something silly and off we'd go. I think i only added 500 words or so to my word count there. Added a little more when I got home.

Packed up the "Beautiful Man" portrait tonight as I found I'd received payment for it while I was gone. Also listed the painting of Morgan the model today. Today, too, I got a commission to do a small oil of an adorable miniture dachshound. Should be a fun project.

Oil landscape painting for the next three days. I'll post pix as I go along.

Got the Halloween decorations put away today. I get them out and hate to put them away so fast. Same with Christmas, too, come to think about it. Lots went right gas for $2.07 a gallon, returned a chair without the receipt (where could it have gone?)... amazing. Made a new friend. Wonderful.

Go have fun, now. Y'hear?

Paint Out in Dripping Springs, Novel progress

Terrific day today. Drove up to our Austin Pastel Society president's house high on a hill north of Dripping Springs and played in the pastel today alongside some of the nicest folks around. Good conversations, much mutual encouragement and a great lunch, besides. I worked indoors on an interior scene which included a view out her hilltop window. My friend Becky rode up with me and barely survived my driving. Nervous little Nellie that she is! (Uh... Hi Becky!)

Have been tapping away on the novel, too. May attend a "Write-In" tomorrow with some of the other San Antonio would-be novelists. Paint Outs and Write-Ins.... pretty much sums up the weekend!

Hope everyone out there is busy creating the life they envision.

"Beautiful Man" sold on eBay for the highest yet!

Big excitement. The painting of Harry looking down, a 16x20 oil painting on rigid canvas panel, sold on eBay for $258. last night. I listed it at a starting bid of $95. and in the last two minutes there was a little bidding war which zoomed it up to $258. That's the most any painting of mine has sold for yet on eBay. I'm delighted and encouraged.

Worked more on painting. Think it's done.

I did SO paint today!

Who needs to run marathons when you paint from live models? My heart races, my breathing quickens, my endorphins are flowing... it's exciting!

This is about 2 and a half hours of painting like a house afire... Three hour session with model breaks and a set up period.

Good thing I took photos so I could finish it at home. Great model. Same name as my daughter's.

Back to noveling...
then back to painting....

Novel Progress

6360 words, my friends. This I've learned: Writing a novel leads to flat-butt. Serious flat-butt. I'm going shopping for a cushy chair tomorrow.

My characters are charming me. They glance toward me every so often and wink. I think they may have something wicked in mind, actually. I suppose I'll find out in Chapter 7.

Painting tomorrow.
No, really.

I'll show you what I painted tomorrow evening.

Novel Writing Progress Note

This is a copy of a comment I left tonight in the San Antonio forum on "Well, it's a good thing I don't work for someone else. I'd have been fired today. I've logged many hours in this chair today. This writing thang is very seductive. These people I've created are starting to do things on their own. I had a little taste of this experience when I used to do "Sim City" back when it came on floppy disks. Most of you can't remember back that far, I realize. I would build this town and the Sims would move in. Then I wouldn't be able to leave the computer because I worried about them. I was responsible for them. Sure, they would slam me, their faithful Mayor, in the polls. My popularity would wane for unfair reasons like fires and crime rates that they were causing, not me. But I worried about them, my little Sims. I eventually had to wipe them out and erase the program from my computer in order to be free. Hey, if this writing thing is going to be anything like THAT, what the heck am i doing? Need sleep first. Will think about that tomorrow."
Actually, I'm absolutely absorbed. So far, so good.
Nighty Night.