Champagne Reception: Patty Cooper at Nueva Street Gallery March 3, 5-8 p.m.

We're celebrating this Thursday, March 3, 5-8 p.m...

Patty Cooper's newest oil and pastel paintings.

The colors, shapes and textures of plants speak straight to the soul.

Come hear what these Talking Flora are saying!

Cell phone: 210-602-8562

Gallery: 210-229-9810
Nueva Street Gallery
507 E. Nueva Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

March 20- Online One-Day Still Life Workshop

(My painting from last year's online still life workshop.) I'm offering a one-day online still life painting workshop on March 20th, a Sunday about a month from now. The arrangement will be considerably less fussy than last year's reference. I'll spend some time discussing principles I consider when setting up a still life and we'll paint the whole painting together in the course of the day. Twice you'll have the opportunity to email me a photo of your progress so I might offer my assessment and suggestions, and therefore see the other painters' paintings, too. You can ask me questions along the way and have access to the video recordings of the workshop afterward to review. The cost is $50. Where else can you spend time painting with others, learn a lot, have so much fun, not have to carry all your equipment and supplies somewhere, and do it all in your jammies, if you like?!
I hope you'll join us! Susan Cell phone: 210-602-8562

2011 Salon International entry accepted!

Well, I can breathe again. I'm thrilled to let you

know that Wide World was accepted into this year's Salon International! There are so many amazing artists in this show and the paintings are inspiring- it's an honor to be juried in!
You can go HERE to see which works were accepted. This is the first year the Greenhouse Gallery has created links to the paintings' images. I've been enjoying looking at them all. Daniel Greene is the judge this year for the competition. I think of him as my first portrait painting instructor since it was his book that I poured over and his skill at painting that I aspired to when I began painting at age 20. (Over 35 years ago, my friends.) The show opens April 2nd and runs through April 22 at the Greenhouse Gallery here in San Antonio. I hope you'll make time to go. Then come visit Nueva Street Gallery while you're here! (Our new website is almost ready to launch. I'll post a link as soon as it's up, I promise.)

I was informed Wednesday that I've worked on this portrait of John Pototschnik on and off for two years. That's some sort of a record for dawdling for me. I mean, I can dawdle with the best of them, but two YEARS??! This is the current state of its progress and I hope to show it in its finished state very, very soon.

San Antonio woke up to snow this morning. You read that right. Snow. I had icicles hanging from the edges of my car. No, really. I think it last happened the year before I moved here- 1985. I've seen ice in San Antonio before, but not snow that stuck and stayed. A friend texted at 3:45 a.m.: SNOW! A quick pull on the blinds' cord revealed a beautiful scene outside. Kind of magical, really. Like hearing someone yelling "Northern Lights!" outside the RV in Michigan one night around 2 a.m., and going out to be gobsmacked by undulating curtains of color and an iris of slowly pulsing light directly above.

I wish you magic in your day today. Snow, Northern Lights or 'just' the smile of someone you love.