Figure Painting Workshop Aug. 21-22

Coppini Academy, San Antonio, Texas
Two day workshop- Painting the clothed figure in an interior setting. Open to all skill levels.
It's liberating to paint people when a likeness is not the objective. Painting someone doing something, someone in context with the surroundings... the narrative becomes the intent. In this workshop, artists will become storytellers.

In the real world, artists work from life or from photos or a combination of both. On the first day of the workshop, artists will paint from photographic references (provided by me) - a simple scene of a single figure indoors. Artists will work from the model on the second day- an arrangement involving a woman reading.

I'll address issues involving proportion, composition, increasing accuracy of drawing, representign values more correctly, ways to direc the viewers' eye, as well as addresseing individual artists' questions and concerns. Artists may work in oil or pastel or in any drawing medium. (Artists working in other media may attend if they are in command of their medium and are seeking assistance with the subject matter and above issues.)

Join us for a weekend of painting and storytelling!

Moving To A New Gallery!

Nueva Street Gallery
507 Nueva Street, San Antonio TX 78205 /
Building 22 in La Villita

Imagine this: Moving from 166 square feet (that's probably smaller than your bedroom, my friends) to 1235 square feet. From two windows on one side, to many tall windows on all four sides, plus a huge skylight in the center. From an eight-foot ceiling to a twelve-foot ceiling. From no plumbing (I've had to lock up to walk to the public restroom) and a "kitchen" that consists of swiveling my chair sideways to a little fridge and microwave, to having your own bathroom and your own kitchen. From no storage to a whole room for storage. From one entrance to three. Are you in a bit of a swoon now? Well, that's just how I feel!

On September 1, 2010, I'm moving from my sweet, tiny, first gallery to a dream gallery- a house built in 1891 which has been Nueva Street Gallery in La Villita, established and owned for 21 years by Richard Conn. Richard is a wonderful artist, now retiring, who has represented some very special artists. I'll now be representing those artists, as well as myself and the three who have been with me at Susan Carlin Art Studio And Gallery. Mr. Conn will be generously assisting in a smooth transition by working with me once a week- for which I'm very grateful.

I've had my first little gallery for over two and a half years now, and I've loved it. This new move will allow me to teach more often and more comfortably, as well as to expand in several other good ways.

Please come visit sometime after September 1... We'll have a party in about a month to celebrate... I'll post a date soon!

-Smiling Susan