Wow... I've been neglecting my blog shamefully. To explain: We've been clearing Karen's house out of all belongings and getting it ready for her renter. Karen and her beasties moved in about a month ago, and it's taken the last several weeks to complete the process. Who am I kidding? There's nothing complete about it! We're living amongst our accumulated belongings... towers of boxes and much flotsam and jetsom... until the portrait workshop I'm giving next weekend is over and a non-rainy weekend arrives so we can have the big yard sale. Will it ever be? We're so soggy after these many days/weeks of rain. It's a sauna outside. We were out in it today to do a half hour of necessary work in the yard and came in dripping.

I painted today. A patient had commissioned a 16" x 20" oil of a version of a print she saw in a magazine and was prompting me for it, so I spent the day finishing it. It was something I never would have done on my own, but it was fun and it got my brushes and palette knife wet again.
The one reliable fun spot in my week has been the pastel class I teach at the Coppini on Tuesday afternoons. I'm really starting to get psyched for the workshop I'm doing this Saturday and Sunday. Let me know if you're thinking you'd like to join us!