Portrait / Figure Workshop, April 4,5,6 in San Antonio

Portrait/Figure  Project Workshop with Susan Carlin
For Pastel and Oil Painters who already have a basic grasp of the use of their medium.
(Brand new beginners in either medium may find a different workshop with us to be more useful.)
April 4,5,6, 2016
Whistle Stop Corner
Do you have a portrait or figure project in mind? Or perhaps you're in the middle of one, and could use some fresh eyes and guidance?
Even if you don't have a project in mind, but would like to further your skills, this could be the workshop for you.
In this one evening plus two-day workshop, we'll let your projects have the stage, and discuss options for improving them. Sometimes just tightening up the drawing is all that's needed, or it could be that improving the values will help the painting turn the corner.  Maybe a quieter color scheme, or an attention to variety in the edges...  Maybe just knowing a benevolent painterly soul is looking over your shoulder as you paint would be helpful. I invite you to bring the paintings that are just beginning, stalled, or are seemingly beyond help. It may be they just need a fresh look and new ideas!
Workshop Fee- Two and a half days, includes the Welcome Party and two lunches - $220.
  • April 4th, 5:30 -9 Monday evening: Welcome Party (hearty refreshments/dinner, tea, wine) and a look at your projects. Set up your painting areas and be ready to dig in the next morning.  
  • April 5th,  9 a.m. to noon Tuesday,  break for included lunch, 1 to 4 p.m.
  • April 6th,  9 a.m. to noon Tuesday,  break for included lunch, 1 to 4 p.m.
We'll further your projects and tackle topics as they arise. 
  1. New ways to be sure of your values
  2. Good ways to check for accuracy in drawing
  3. Wa!ys to make JUST the color you're looking for
  4. Ways to emphasize the focal areas,
  5. Ways to paint looser or tighter, as the painting needs.

Of course, you don't need to lodge with us to attend the workshop, but we'd love to host you at Whistle Stop Corner!
Lodging Fees- Two nights, April 4th-5th, includes two breakfasts and dinner Tuesday evening, check-in 3 p.m.
  • Twin bed in shared bedroom in Guesthouse - $135. (Five available, two in one room, three in another)
  • Double bed in private room in Guesthouse - $175.
  • Cottage- Double bed in private Cottage - $195.  (May include a second person or non-artist companion for just the cost of breakfasts and dinner -$35.)
  • Hideout- Queen bed in private two-story apartment -$205. (May include a second person or non-artist companion for just the cost of breakfasts and dinner -$35.) 

Call 210-602-8562 to reserve your place in the workshop (and lodging, if desired).  We will send a PayPal link to follow and take care of the fee. 

Susan Carlin
Cell phone: 210-602-8562


All 30!

A Month Of Paintings
This experience was good medicine. I'm better for it.  I'm humbled by it. Challenged to go on.

After a wee bit of rest.