Big Mom News

We knew she was better than we'd been given to expect Mom could be. But today at her appt. with the cardiologist the miracle was confirmed. She's back to normal. They can't explain it. He said that when she was in the hospital and they measured her heart's ability to expel the blood, her "ejection fraction" was less than 10%. Normal is between 50 and 75%. We were getting the results of the echocardiogram taken over two weeks ago and already it was 50% then, so he thinks it's likely even better now. No more oxygen. No meds. No doctors. She's good to go.
We're celebrating, as you can imagine. Thank you to all who added their thoughts to those which changed her fate.

A start.

This is the barest beginning of a commissioned oil of two sweet children picking dandelions in a field in West Texas. Not sure yet about the proportion of the boy in the foreground in relation to the girl farther back. I may need to repaint him smaller. We'll see.


I think I'm done. This is a photo under bad fluorescent lighting, so it's not so true to color. The blues are too punched up and the faces too pale, but you get the idea. I'll try to get a photo of it outdoors tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the Fiesta Art Fair. I try very hard not to miss it each year. I go early to see the art before it's been picked over.
I bought a painting tonight from an artist whose work I love. She sells through galleries and on eBay. Check out Karin Jurick at:

'Night All

More progress on painting of Kids

Spent a few hours this evening working on refining these faces, painting in her jewelry, softening edges of hair. Still have much more to do on arms and hands and grass and clothing. I hope to have it done in a couple more days. 'Night all.

Sketch of Adam and a BIO for my website
Could use an illustration or photo tucked in here and there, but I'm so pleased to have gotten something written!
Also did a portrait sketch of a friend's grandson for her birthday today. Cheers!

Progress on the painting of the children

I spent today painting with Donna and Mary and made lots of good progress on this one. Still much more to go, but I'm pleased with what got done. LOVE being with those two!

Got a nice walk in with a friend afterwards at Eisenhower Park. Mo taped American Idol for me to see when I got back. Topped it all off with a phone call to my mom. Very nice day indeed.

Spent the evening painting

Finally broke the spell. I hadn't painted since the day before Mom's heart attack. Not sure if they got connected in my brain or how, but it was good to get back to the brushes and paint.
Much, much more to go on this painting, but felt like I got pretty far along tonight.
Mom's doing well, by the way.

Posing with the paintings

Morgan and I went downtown today to pick up my award from the San Antonio Art League's Museum. Loved seeing all the other paintings and sculptures in the show. A few by friends- so great! We also traded out the paintings I have at River Art Gallery.

Three awards, one day. Wow!

Yesterday I had to decide between two receptions, both of which were at shows where I had paintings: Austin Pastel Society and the San Antonio Art League and Museum. I decided to go to the Austin Pastel Society one because I love these people. It's the first art group I ever joined. They've been so encouraging and fun and have helped birth my more public artist self. I arrived to find that my highest aspiration, art-wise, had been achieved: Best of Show. Omigosh. Trust me when I say what a thrill that is. It was for my painting, "Morning Flight," the 24"x18" pastel of 18 people waiting at a Southwest Airlines gate for their plane to arrive. I also got First Place for Still Life for my 20"x16" pastel of Libby Peters' living room called, "Her Grandmother's Chair." The award would've been great in name only, but came with lots of prizes. A 150 stick set of Rembrandt pastels in a two tray wooden box. A pricey little item. Plus lots of neat papers and another 30 stick set in a wooden box. Scrumptious. I'm considering listing the sets on eBay, since I'm pretty well set on pastels until the next millenium. We'll see.
On the way home I called the San Antonio Art League and found I'd won a Sponsor's Award for $500. That had me doing a little behind-the-wheel happy dance, let me tell you. That painting is called "Caldo," and is a 24"x18" pastel.
I also called Mom and Dad on the way home and told them of my news. I'm so grateful to be able to do that.
Now it's back to work on these commissions. I've stewed long enough. Life is wonderful, as Jason Mraz's new song so beautifully asserts.