Whistle Stop Corner's first workshop!

Today the last of our guests headed back home after a magical five day workshop led by Carol Marine. We now know we are truly going to love our new life- as artists who will open our studio and guest house to other artists a few times a year for workshops and retreats. We had 18 unique and enjoyable artists in the studio, and 9 of them staying with us in the guest house and cottage this week.   Our meals were crazy good- prepared by Sue Bown, the incredible owner of Bide-A-While in Dickinson, TX. The double whammy of fantastic instruction and great food had each artist smiling and grateful they were among the lucky few who were able to attend. Carol's waiting list for this workshop exceeded 100. In the realm of art workshops, we opened Whistle Stop Corner at a pinnacle. 
We'll likely host smaller scale workshops in the future, but let me tell you: It was a thrilling way to begin our new (ad) venture!