New Website Up! Reception: Constance Seiler & Tim Olson Sunday, May 1st

Howdy! I'm so proud of Nueva Street Gallery's new website. Ugur did an incredible job designing and piecing together all its thousands of parts. I hope you'll take a minute to poke aroud and see the artists' work. I think you'll really understand why we're so happy to be there each day. If you fall in love with an artwork, there's a way to make it your own.
THEN I hope you'll plan to come to our reception for two of the gallery's artists: Constance Seiler who designs and makes beautiful jewelry, and Tim Olson who creates magical mixed media artworks. Artists, art, refreshments and champagne on a spring Sunday afternoon in San Antonio's La Villita by the Riverwalk... Can it get better than that?
I'm busy at my easel with a full list of portrait commissions these days. I've decided to release myself from the rigid schedule of Wednesday evening online painting broadcasts, and go to a looser, as-the-spirit-moves, impromptu approach. If you'd like to be notified when I'm online painting, please subscribe on the Studio page on the new website, or on the Calendar page on my personal website. I hope you'll join us sometime... it's always fun.
See you online and on May Day!
507 E. Nueva St.
San Antonio, TX 78205

Salon International Opening

When I arrived for the Awards Banquet on Friday evening, I was delighted to find it had been sold that day. Don't you love a big red dot on your title tag?! What a nice way to start the night!

Daniel Greene was the judge of this year's Salon. He gave an inspiring speech during the banquet.

Saturday morning, Mr. Greene offered his critiques to those of us who took advantage of his observations. This is the master's hand commenting on Wide World. Doesn't she look a little apprehensive? Imagine what the artist was feeling!

The reception Saturday evening was just wonderful. Good friends came to help celebrate - Thank you! I also loved celebrating with the other artists - some old friends, some new- and taking in the the beautiful paintings. There isn't any way to absorb them all in one day or two, so I'll being going back several times before the ending of the show on April 22nd- to try to really see each of them. If you can make it to the Greenhouse Gallery before the end of the show, I really recommend it. You can also see the paintings online here.

Wide World is one of the 22 paintings from the show which have sold so far. Cool, right?