Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I decided to return to being a professional artist, my gratitude list has grown longer and more enthusiastic. I'm living my dream of painting for my living, which is bounty enough, but I enjoy such a wonderful network of people interested in what I paint -some are other artists, some are friends, many are people who've visited my gallery- I'm thankful beyond explanation for the feeling of connection I have now. As a doctor, I often felt isolated, so I appreciate each reply to my newsletters and I dearly love those wonderful people who come chat with me while I'm painting online. Thank you for letting me share what I paint with you.

Angela and Aurora, oil, 24" x 18"

This is the start of a tiny oil portrait- 7" x 5"- that I got to do yesterday during my Wednesday broadcast, with the family who commissioned the painting in the chat room, talking about the impact the subject had on their lives. I really enjoyed the session. I'll be sure to send an image of the finished portrait when it's completed.
La Villita, where my gallery is located, is having its holiday open house on Saturday, November 28th. I'll be in the Gallery and hope you'll come by to visit and have some refreshments. The annual lighting of the Riverwalk is Friday, November 27th. It's magical to see the Riverwalk all glittery with lights for the holiday season!
If you're near San Antonio December 3rd, you're invited to attend the San Antonio Art League and Museum Gala, 6-10 p.m. FREE to attend. There will be live music and appetizers and hors d'oeuvres and lots of great paintings!
I'm one of 144 artists who donated a 12" x 12" painting (mine is a cowboy's profile) to the silent auction.
San Antonio Downtown Market Square Hotel
(formerly The Radisson next to UT Downtown)
As you can imagine, I'm busy painting portraits that will be gifts for Christmas, all of them honoring and celebrating someone special. Oh, I love my work!
I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family, friends and much love.

Big smiles and and a tender moment

Angela and Kristy, oil, 11x14 Smiling cousins. It's still on my easel and still wet, but it's close to finished so I thought I'd show you. I painted much of it online yesterday... hours and hours online. Thank you to the sweet folks who kept me company.
These are the artists in my Marble Falls portrait workshop last week. Enthusiastic and hard working, they also kept me laughing and wishing I lived closer to Marble Falls. Thanks, Ya'll!

Midnight Wedding Aboard Ship, 14x11, oil
The way the man in this portrait looked at the painting when he came to the studio to pick it up was equal to getting Best of Show at a prestigious competition. Better. It was a difficult painting to do and from a frankly terrible reference. I struggled and maybe even cursed a few times. Pretty sure I did. But the client's happiness with it made it all worthwhile.
For the remainder of the days before Christmas, I will be glued to my easel working on the several commissions I've promised to be done by then. Except when I'm at dance lessons. I'm a little dangerous on the dance floor yet, but it's so much fun! Old dog. New trick.
Go have some fun today!

Himalayan Kitty and progress on Angela

Maxxy, oil, 14 x 11
This was a fun commission. The client who commissioned it tuned in to watch the finishing touches during my broadcast yesterday and sent this email today:
Morning, Susan thank you so much for yesterday…. I smiled the whole time that I was watching you paint Max…. He’s is perfect, I could be happier ….. I am so glad that I found you!!
Words like those mean the world to me. I love my work.

I worked another few hours on this commission yesterday, also. So much yet to do, so much to change... Portraits are like intricate puzzles where you have to craft each piece yourself. It's challenging and exasperating... and thrilling when you finally get all the pieces to fit. (The background is undetermined yet, so I've covered the white of the canvas with blue and green just as a placeholder.)