Self Portrait, and Sharon Stone- from sitting.

Ok, I broke every rule on this self portrait. I painted individual teeth, for starters. You don't do that. I admonish students not to do that. I try so hard not to paint so 'tightly' in general, yet this painting is terribly tight. Sigh. Just forgive me and we'll move on, shall we? I will say it was fun to do a self portrait in which I actually look happy -accomplished by the fact that I worked from a photo taken by a photographer friend. Most I've done from looking in a mirror and there has been a serious look on each of those. If you know me, you know that I don't often look serious. The goofy grin is more likely.

This beautiful woman is Sharon Stone. Maybe not the Sharon Stone you know from movies, but it is her name, nonetheless. Last Saturday I was called by the La Villita office, asking me to please be painting that day as the Travel Channel would be in La Villita taping an episode about San Antonio. I accosted Sharon and her husband, Ivan, the moment they walked into my gallery that morning, pleading for her to model for me later in the day. She agreed and, true to her word, she returned to sit for me for 3 and a half hours. The Travel Channel never arrived, having run out of time earlier on their route. Ah well... I enjoyed our conversation so much and she loved her painting. I took a photo of her before she left and worked another couple of hours on it Monday. Below: Ivan, Sharon and Sharon's portrait.

I'll be painting online tonight at 7 p.m. Central time in case you can swing by to say hello...
Hope to 'see' you there!