Sketches of my new family in Istanbul

Bedriye, Halide, Hande, Sacide, Nilgun, Neslihan, Aslihan, Nadide

This series started as a quick sketch of Aslihan, Ugur's beautiful 12 year old niece, second from the right on the bottom. Within a day or two it became a series of all the women in the family... except Ugur.  Guess I'll need to rectify that soon, right?

I love to sketch. These days, sketching has become simply a cursory prelude to a painting, though.  I need to remember how delicious it is to simply sketch.

Robin- the finish of a commissioned portrait.

Robin, oil 16 x 20
I'm so pleased with this portrait. Robin was a firefighter who lost her life fighting a fire in 2008.  She left behind two little girls and loving parents. Her mother commissioned the portrait and was gracious about waiting several months for my schedule to allow me to paint Robin for her.

Robin's smile must be missed every day.  Every time I paint a portrait I feel as though I've gotten to know the person I've painted...  I spent so many hours looking into her eyes, I felt privileged to have been smiled at like that.

My love to Robin's family.

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