Wide World- completed and submitted

On New Year's Eve I posted my start of this painting, and promised to show you when I finished it. The deadline for entry into this year's Salon International was Friday, and I got it submitted in the nick of time. Perhaps it's not smart to mention this. What if it's not accepted? After years of competitions I've seen one of my paintings get Best Of Show in one, and not even get accepted in another, so I understand the capriciousness of it all. Still, I am holding my breath. I'll let you know.

About 10 days ago we had a reception for Carol Marine and her beautiful paintings at Nueva Street Gallery. At one point during the reception we did a short (14 minutes, I think) broadcast of talking with her and some of the guests, showing her paintings and then doing a short tour of the gallery and the other work we have right now.
Please just know that it's not a polished video, just an unedited, fun record of part of the party. You can watch it here if you like.

Today started grey and cold and... a Monday. I wanted to stay curled up under the blankets, honestly. Now it's beautiful and clear and 63 degrees in San Antonio, with many happy travelers and convention-goers coming in and taking home art that makes them even gladder to have visited our fair city.
Always a good lesson: A day can always get more beautiful, a friendship can deepen, you can learn something valuable, you can be a bright spot for a stranger and you can cross some items off your to-do list and feel more accomplished by just showing up sometimes.

Hope you have a magical day!

Carol Marine Reception

When I first became owner of Nueva Street Gallery, I started visualizing someday showing Carol Marine's paintings. Someday has arrived!
Please join us in welcoming Carol at a champagne reception for her and her delicious paintings on Thursday, January 13th, from 5-8 p.m.
Take a break and come spend a day - or several - in San Antonio, enjoying the Riverwalk, La Villita, and Nueva Street Gallery.
We'd love to see you!

Cell phone: 210-602-8562
Gallery: 210-229-9810
Nueva Street Gallery
507 E. Nueva Street
San Antonio, TX 78205