Print of Alamo painting, "Remember" available

I had really nice 16" x 20" prints made of this painting (on good matte finish cover stock with a lithographic printing process) and will happily send one to you! I'll put a PayPal button on this post for anyone who wants to use their credit card, or you can mail me check. $20. plus $4. shipping. (Mailed in a sturdy tube.)

FYI: This image is of the painting, so you can see the light catching the palette knife strokes in the upper right corner. That isn't visible on the prints, of course.
The figures of the women in the painting are Adina De Zavala and Clara Driscoll, the two most passionate and dedicated of those who managed to save the Alamo. Here are some articles about them. Fascinating!

My Alamo painting on TV

As a portrait artist in San Antonio, this project was a bit off my beaten track, but very rewarding.
This morning the painting of the Alamo I did for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas' 2007 Gala was on KENS TV (CBS) on the local "Great Day S.A." show. Until yesterday I was supposed to have been on the show with the painting and the spokeswoman for DRT, Joan Headley, but they had to shorten the segment to make room for something that had been added to the show. I didn't know whether to feel sad or relieved. The painting looked GREAT on its easel there, though, and Joan said some terrific things about me and the painting, and it was very flattering to be on the same bill as the director of the movie "Alamo" and the author Steven Harrigan, who wrote "The Gates of the Alamo," San Antonio's 'one book, one San Antonio' this year.

My class was last night. Everyone's working on portraiture. I'm so proud of their efforts.
Tonight is the first meeting of the Austin Pastel Society after our summer break. I'm driving up with Sherrie Allyn, another member, and am looking forward to seeing everyone again. Jeannette Cuevas is doing the demonstration tonight. Should be good.
Oh! The daughter who commissioned the painting of her dad, sister and herself came on Tuesday and declared it wonderful. I even got a big hug. So now it dries until Saturday when I'll varnish it. She's going to have prints made for her sister and dad, so she can keep the original.

Possible finish of Dad N' Daughters

I got up at 3 a.m. and worked on this until 7:30 or so. I think it might be done. I've sent the image on to the client and will have a final session with her making any last minute revisions.

Went back to bed at 7:30 and woke again a couple of minutes ago. Today I need to frame the wedding painting in order to enter it in the Coppini Show. I found a great frame on sale at Hobby Lobby yesterday- just right for that painting. I'll try to remember to take a photo later.

Now back to my coffee and taped CBS Sunday Morning.

More "Dad N' Daughters "

I got to work on this only a couple of hours today, but am pleased with warming the dad's expression some, using a different photo for help with that. Still a lot of work to do on the clothing and background, but am hoping to finish up tomorrow sometime.

Hey, Ya'll! I need a title for the wedding painting. I was thinking of "Dreamer," but wanted to use the Spanish word. I think it's Sonador, but also found Tarabilla in the Spanish-to-English online dictionary. Looked like Sonador was the male version, and the female was Tarabilla. Does anyone know?

Tomorrow I'll be entering the wedding painting, plus two others, an oil portrait of a little girl holding her dad's finger- 'Holding On', and a pastel of a yucca plant landscape- 'Desert Dancers' in Coppini's Fall Exhibition, so need a title SOON!

Have a nice Saturday night, All.

Progress on Dad N' Daughters

Great day. I love spending time with Donna and Mary. Today we were out at Mary's gorgeous place in the Texas Hill Country. She and her husband Lee had really put in some effort on the garden around the house, especially the area that the studio looks out over. Hummingbirds, cardinals, a blooming bird of paradise which is blooming for the first time in the 20 years she's had it, purple dahlias so beautiful it made you gasp, pink roses so lush, a dinner plate hibiscus a foot in diameter.... wonderful. Then we talked. And talked. And told what's new in the last month, spoke of spiritual ideas, entreprenurial ideas, paint colors, family happenings. It's always good. Oh yeah, and we painted. I got quite a bit done on this painting. Still tons more to do.
Then I came home to treat a patient and then get the studio ready for my evening class. I'm impressed by how hard these folks work to learn. I respect that a lot. They each moved forward in some obvious way. Very exciting for me.
Now that class is over, we're having berry margaritas and telling about our days. Thought I'd take a moment and post this progress.
Sweet dreams, ya'll.

Second progress of Dad N' Daughters

I got to paint a little bit today and just deepened some values and modeled the faces some. Thought I'd post the progress. Tomorrow is my always-wonderful, once-a-month painting day with Donna Good and Mary Shepard, so I'm hoping to have lots of progress to show tomorrow night. Tomorrow evening is the second meeting of my painting class here at my home studio, too. We have a fourth person joining us this time. Today I had my Tuesday class here, too. Love that commute: One step through a door.
Tonight it's Biggest Loser and time with family.

I love painting. Does it show?

New start... Daughter bookends

This is a slap n' dash oil sketch I did this evening to get me started on this fun commission. I'm trying to change the women's clothing to the colors they're wearing in a different photo. We'll see how it works out. If it isn't believable further down the line I'll change it to their original clothes. I've done two other smaller portraits for the woman on the viewer's right. Now she's commissioning this one of her dad and sister and herself. I'll post the progress shots as I go.
Nighty night, All.

No Really. I'm finished.

Ok, I'm going to stop now. I thought I'd finished at 2:15 when it dawned on me I needed to be at the Coppini to watch my friend Kim Roberti do a demo for the membership meeting. (I broke a few traffic laws to get there.) But when I came home I had an email from a good friend and sister artist, Jo Castillo, who made a suggestion about the leaves of the little bouquets the women were carrying. Bless you, Jo! I quickly made some additions and have declared the thing DONE. These photos really punch up the blue. The dress isn't really quite so blue, I promise you.
Next painting is a commissioned one of a Dad flanked by his two grown daughters. I'll be diving in tomorrow.
Have a nice Sunday evening, ya'll. It's the finale of The 4400 for me, and we'll tape the Mystery movie on PBS tonight... an Inspector Lynley story. Already started on a glass of wine, and the chicken stirfry is almost done. Lovely.

Close to Finished

Ok, it's 1 a.m. I've been painting another 10 hours in a row. I'm inclined to think this might be done. I'll look at it again in the morning. I've suffered enough over the silly basket and ribbons. Of course, now I look over and see that the ribbons behind the basket should come down below it, as well. Sigh. I'll have to deal with that in the morning. This thing has to be dry, varnished and framed in a week, so I can't paint any more past tomorrow morning.
'Night All.

Many Hours later...

I've worked on this painting maybe 10 hours today. There's still so much to do. I'm feeling better about some little pockets of it. Of course, I took these photos under fluorescent lights, so the colors are wacky.
Last night was the first painting class at my home studio. Just three students, but we agreed there was room for a fourth. One of the students mentioned it to a friend of hers and now she'll be joining us next Wednesday evening. Funny thing, too- All four want to work on portraiture! Could I be any luckier? The first class went very well, I thought. Two worked in pastel, one in oil.
Ok, off to bed now. Thank you all for your kind comments.

Stroll on the Riverwalk

Karen and I saw a great one-woman play by Marga Gomez last night and then went on downtown to walk along the Riverwalk, then sat and had margaritas and watched the tourists and talked. I felt a little touristy myself and took a couple of pictures of the Alamo. After doing the painting of the Alamo for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas last month, it was interesting to see it up close and with all the dramatic night lighting. I'm looking forward to their Gala on October 6th and watching the painting being bidded on during the auction. I'm starting to fret over what one wears to a Gala, though. Help!

New Studio... in progress.

I've been working on my studio, trying to organize all the flotsam which survived the big clean-out. I'll have to keep on culling out the unnecessary to make room for the must-haves, though. I'm starting to give a new evening class on Wednesday. I'll just have three students since that's as many as will fit right now. I've called an electrician to install the additional lighting the room needs and I hope it'll be in by Wednesday. Karen gifted me with a great new Verilux lamp when I got home on Thursday night. Thanks, Karen! The thing in the corner may look like a coffee table, but its new life will be as a portrait platform. When I have a sitter, I'll take the finished paintings off, and put a chair on top and draping behind. Thanks Donna B. for suggesting its new use!Of course I'm not going to show the near wall with all the stuff jumbled against it, waiting for order to be created. When it's done, I'll show you. Promise.
I spent much of this morning assembling the new drying rack. I'm so excited to have it for the all the new paintings I'll be doing to list on eBay again. It's been a long time, but I'm getting jazzed about starting that up again.