Pastel portrait broadcast at 5 p.m. tonight

All the Christmas commissions have arrived at their destinations and I'm taking a bit of time to work on something for myself. Above is an about-midway-through progress image of what's on the easel now. I'm calling it Corner Chair as a working title, but a friend has suggested Not Schmid in case anyone were to confuse the model for the famous and amazing artist Richard Schmid, who also wears a Greek fisherman's cap. It has many days of painting to go, but perhaps you can get the idea of it from this shot. If it turns out well enough, I hope to enter it into a competition. I've been doing most of the work online, so there are hours and hours of recordings of it getting to this point at .

Tonight at 5 p.m. Texas/Central time, I'm breaking from working on Corner Chair to begin a commissioned pastel portrait of a beautiful little girl. Perhaps you'd like to drop in at the above link and watch or log in and chat? It's not polite to brag, but the nicest people come hang out with me. It's a party every time I paint! Hope you'll join me.

Winding up 2009 and Looking forward to 2010

I hope you're enjoying the holiday. As you might guess, mine is being full of painting, as well as family and friends and feasting. Heaven!

This is the portrait I did for the portrait exchange on the Different Strokes From Different Strokes blog. The lovely woman is Marilyn King, who also painted my portrait. My colors in this photo seem wonky compared to the original, but close enough, I think. If you'd like to see the broadcast recordings of me painting this portrait, you can go here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.

I raise my portrait prices at the beginning of each year, but always honor the current price if a deposit is placed before the end of the year. If you were thinking you might want a portrait this year, let me know and we'll arrange a deposit to hold this year's prices.

As the new year approaches and you start to think of your New Year's resolutions, or ways you'd like to tune your life a bit closer to your heart's desires, I send my encouragement to live your dreams. The world will be a better place for you and for all of us if you do, I'm certain!

Holiday commissions complete

I finally completed this 10"x8" oil of Kyra above. The reference photo had been taken by a cell phone of her still in the hospital after being born prematurely.

The portraits below were 10"x8" oil commissions I didn't think I'd have time to do before Christmas, but worked many, many hours online and off this week to complete. If all goes well with the drying and the varnish and the post office, the family will have them in time for the big day.

Each of these young people are so beautiful, I know their parents must be proud.

Now I'll be turning my attention to a couple of paintings I hope to enter into competition. I'll let you know how that's going in my next post.

I wish you the happiest of holidays, full of comfort and joy and love.

Latest portraits

I've been busy and loving every minute...

I really enjoyed painting this 12"x12" oil portrait of Ike and Kirby, adorable Jack Russells.

George Davis, 20" x 16" oil. This is the portrait I only had a black and white reference photo to work from. I'm pleased with the outcome.
Next up on my easel are four 8" x 10" oils, portraits of four children, the youngest 17 years old. I'm not sure I'll be able to get them done before Christmas, but I'll give it a good try.
After that, on my portrait schedule, is a 20" x 16" pastel of a beautiful little girl, then a 20" x 24" oil- an epic painting of two boys on the shore of a lake in autumn, Notre Dame is across the lake reflecting in the water, ducks swimming on the surface... quite a project.
Somewhere in there I want to work on a painting or two for myself- to enter into a couple of competitions this next year.
I hope you're enjoying your woolly sweaters and earmuffs and the scent of wood fires in the air. Even here in San Antonio we've begun bundling up. Saturday evening we played tourist and took a boat ride on the Riverwalk. The lights were wonderful and we loved the wry and witty commentary by our guide. The other riders appreciated the big blanket we shared with them. Cuddle up! Share a little spiced cider or eggnog with your favorite people. We're on the eve of new beginnings. Have a warm holiday!

Precious memories and an exciting future

I promised to send the finished (tiny) portrait of Nanny, since I'd included an image of it in progress. This is a 5" x 7" oil that is shipping out today in time for Christmas. Doesn't she have a kind, sweet face?

Below is a series of progress images of a 16" x 20" oil that I'm painting from a black and white reference photo. I'm only a couple of hours in on this one, but thought I'd show you what I see as I go along...

Along with an image of this painting finished, I'll send you an image of the two cute Jack Russells I'm finishing up right now. Both are giving me a steady, expectant gaze from the canvas...

I can hardly believe it, but my house is decked out for Christmas already and it's helped to put me in the holiday spirit in a big, big way. It's working to alleviate some of my shock at finding myself the mother of someone having her 28th birthday next Monday. I was 26 when she was born. The years are flying by and I'm SO grateful to be spending these current ones painting and learning to paint ever better.
Whatever it is that makes you feel alive and engaged and excited to get started... that's what I wish for you this Season.