Getaway, oil, 30"x24", black floater frame. $1200
Drawing, graphite, 10"x8"

Drawing detail
Although Whistle Stop Corner still occupies most of my waking hours (and probably most of my dream time, too), recently I've gotten the chance to paint a bit and to take this drawing commission above. The loving wife of the man on the left (viewers' left) commissioned me to make a drawing of him with his late father for Father's Day. The patio in background has some significance for them, so was requested to include the roof detail.  I've heard that it was received with love and appreciation.

The (large) painting at the top is of a little cove along the western coast of Ireland from my time there in 2010.  I long to spend many weeks in the future exploring that beautiful, beautiful country.
Since I've posted last (I'm embarrassed to see that it was in November... blush), we've traveled to Istanbul in April and got to take my dad with us this time.  It was a special 10 days of family, tulips, ancient architecture and a visit to Istanbul's incredible Modern Art Museum.  I'm in love with that city.

WSC is coming along... We now have new wiring everywhere: we can finally just flip on a switch and SEE. Very exciting, believe me, to roll up all those extension cords and put them away.  A couple of non-weight-bearing interior walls have been demolished and new ones framed in on Saturday.     We still hope to be ready for our first painting workshop in the former grocery store's space in the fall, but have decided not to make ourselves any crazier than we already are by scheduling anything before it's ready to go.   The cottage now has working lights and outlets as of yesterday.  We have our second tenant in Apartment 3.  Our friend Diana came over Friday evening with her tools and before long she had all the blinds installed in Apartment 2.  Things are progressing, we remind ourselves. Before long the vision and the reality will look very much like each other. 

I've gotten some of the sweetest messages from a few of you who let me know I'm being missed.  Thank you, Dear Ones.  I look forward to rejoining this good community when we can come up for air.  In the meantime, I'll post as I'm able!  Sending love....XOXO