Wednesday night's painting- Profile

I think the colors in this image are just a bit off from the original, but are close enough to post.
This painting was such a pleasure to do. It went fairly smoothly and the company was excellent.
With Barbara Pask's help, I actually managed to record the painting of this one in three videos at . If you're new to the site, you might need to know to scroll down a bit until you find the video you want to play, double click it then scroll back up to watch it.

I told everyone I'd be painting again next Wednesday, but was reminded that I have a commitment to paint for the Randolph Art League next Wednesday, so I'll paint online next on Monday, February 2nd. I hope you'll come by and join the fun!

Reference for painting session January 28th

This is a fellow who was in my mini-workshop a couple of Saturdays ago. I'm thinking of painting a larger painting of him at his easel, but thought I'd do a smaller head study tonight...
Hope you'll come by...

Updated website & online painting schedule change

Last September, I think it was, I boldly stated a goal of revamping my website. Still haven't done that. But I did stay awake all night a couple of nights ago and updated the website I have. Same old website design but newer paintings and news page. Here's the link if you want to check it out: Responses? Suggestions?

I'm going to try painting online on Wednesdays for a while. I know that's a conflict with other online painters, but I hope some of you may still make it over to hang out with me a while. No session tonight (Tuesday), but I'll be painting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6 p.m. CST. Come visit with me!

Favorite Time of Day

I worked on this during the online broadcast last night, but the stomach bug I'd picked up was getting worse, so I ended early. I'm sure the viewers were grateful due to all my moaning and whining. I had a rough night but feel better already. Water is all I've risked drinking this morning, and then just a little. I forgot to hit the record button, so there's no recording of this session at Sorry!
I see a few things I might want to do to this painting before getting it under glass. I think there could be a bit more light and heat on the tops of the sofa and pillows where the light strikes. The colors please me, and the simplicity of the drawing.

Saturday with the Central Texas Pastel Society

This pastel painting beginning is from yesterday's demo and workshop for the Central Texas Pastel Society at the Windberg Art Center. I'll continue work on this painting during my Tuesday evening session (6 p.m. Central) at

No, I'm not waltzing with an invisible dancer- I must have been offering one of my fervent opinions.
I do have a few.

There were perhaps 40-50 people at the demonstration in the morning and, as I painted, the image of my painting was projected on a huge screen so all could see. I worked from an image on my laptop, which also was projected.

This is during the sketch...

I'd taken some photos of Karen reading the evening before and showed the members how to take a poor photo and, with cropping and the adjustment of brightness and contrast, have something worth using as a reference.

I was so impressed by the members of CTPS... all were positive and supportive of each other, and those who participated in the workshop worked their tushes off. I respect that.
This is Bob Douglass, CTPS President. He sets a joyous tone for the group, I could tell.
This is Jeri Salter, Program Chair and past president and also a member of Austin Pastel Society, who arranged for me to give the demonstration and afternoon workshop on painting the figure in an interior. Thank you, Jeri!
Artist Mike Windberg was a whiz at setting up all the electronics and such a gentleman in helping at every turn. His father, artist Dalhart Windberg, has created Windberg Art Center- a beautiful workshop venue and oasis for emerging artists.
Thank you all for a wonderful, exhausting, satisfying day.

Autumn Baby puzzle

I came across this site that will turn your image into a jigsaw puzzle. Had to try it...


It was a race to the finish, but with the wonderful company of several artist friends (Barb Pask, Frank Gardner, Mary Spires, Pat Schultz, Rosemary, Ruthie, Renate, Jinx, Dave from Las Vegas, Josh Kadtke and others my brain won't remember right now) on, plus the assistance of Libby Peters, Jo Castillo and Regina Calton Burchett in uploading the photo to the Austin Pastel Society website, I completed this painting and beat the midnight deadline by an hour or so last night. Whew. Thank you, everybody!

What makes me happy...

Some of you may remember my progress images as I painted this commissioned portrait in August for a woman who saved it until Christmas to give to her husband. (I never could have kept the secret that long!) She was so thoughtful and sent me a photo of him opening his painting. And this note:


I made it until Christmas morning with the help of my cousins. They kept the painting so I could not break down and give it to him early! These are pictures from Christmas morning. Thai was thrilled!

Happy New Year! When we visit San Antonio, we will stop in to meet you in person.
Thank you for making Christmas so special this year!

Best regards,
Cindy Hoang
Wow. Love that!

Now, remember this portrait from December? Three siblings commissioned it for their mother's Christmas. I got the wonderful email from Mary right after Christmas:

Hi Susan,
I can't even begin to tell you how much that painting means to my mother! She opened it up, took one long look and started to cry! Not only does she love it beyond words, she took the painting to her best friend's house today and is also getting it framed TODAY. Couldn't wait one minute to protect it. She spent quite some time marveling about the intricacy and detail of the painting -- noticing Tavy's exact hair shading, the precision of the collar, the tags. It's the best present anyone has ever given her in her whole life, she said! Wow! I was struck by how much she studied that painting, noticing details that I never would've, and how that painting pitted hair for hair against the actual Tavy, soared past every test. She just loves it. We can't thank you enough!!! Clearly,the care you took to really capture Tavy paid off.

This painting was the best part of our Christmas. I hope you found as much joy in your holiday!

Mary (for Theo, Theresa, too!)
It was so thoughtful of Cindy and Mary to send those notes, don't you think? I get so much pleasure in the painting of portraits- figuring out the puzzle of it all and trying to make ever-better paintings in the process. It adds SO much to the pleasure to know that the paintings will be enjoyed by those who commission them or those who receive them. I've gotten many emails and phone calls this year thanking me for my work. That makes me very happy.

A finish and some progress

This is after another couple of hours working tonight online with a few sweet folks keeping me company. Boy, I was feeling chatty and most everyone else was feeling quieter, I think.

This is the finish of the Girl With The Blue Bow. Got to spend some good long time with her today and found that "interesting place" where I could call it done.

Hope you all are painting fun things these days!

Borders..some progress

This is where we left off after the broadcast tonight- Wednesday. Below is where I stopped on Tuesday. The last hour of our broadcast tonight somehow didn't get recorded. Drat! As always, it was a lot of fun hanging out with such interesting artists from all over.

Painting tonight at 6 Central...Come on by!
I'm starting a largish pastel tonight. 18" x 24." I've waited until the last minute to paint something for a competition entry, so it's now or never. This afternoon I ran first to Starbucks and then to Borders to see if I could find a subject. It made for awkward conversations, but people were accommodating, if baffled. I've settled on a couple at Borders reading magazines in the cafe. Wish me luck, or better yet, come by and keep me company tonight as I get it started. It's due on Sunday, for goshsakes!

Pastel Baby and Girl with Blue Bow

Not the best photo, but here's the finish on the commission of the adorable baby in pastel. 11 x 14 on Pastelbord.
I had fun working in pastel for a change. I think I had it in my eyebrows, not to mention up to my elbows. Funny how I'm so much tidier working in oil.

Below is where I've left off on the commission of the beautiful girl with the blue bow. Still have a ways to go- the size of her eyes, especially. I cut in all around them on the last session and have to widen them back to their normal size. Lots of details yet to do, too.

I've got such a positive expectation for 2009. Love abounds. Any problem is out-weighed by well-being. I'm so grateful for this sweet community we've made via our blogs. Thank you!