Progress on man's portrait

6"x5" detail of 18"x24" oil painting in progress

I painted about three hours further on this portrait. So many little adjustments to make, and still to make, but I do like how it's coming. Didn't focus on the horse much at all today.

I knew there would be an increased portion of my time that would be spent on the business part of art when I opened the gallery. But I spent all of yesterday and more than half of today entering transactions into Quickbooks and doing other office work. It felt so good to pull my palette out of the fridge and settle in front of the easel for the last three hours of the day.

An email arrived yesterday to say that my two paintings, Holding On and A Day To Remember In La Villita, were accepted into Hill Country Arts Foundation's 2-D National Juried Exhibition, Sept. 11 - Oct. 19. Acceptance. Ahh, feels good.


Rose Welty said...

Congrats of these days you'll have taught me enough that I'll receive an email like that :D.

Glad to see you doing well in all that you put your hand to, well deserved.

Susan said...

Congrats on your acceptance. I agree, it is well deserved.

SharonWrightArtist said...

Hey, well done you! Although I am not the least bit surprised.
The man is looking good. Makes me smile too!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Susan, excellent!
I am still working on my list of goals.
And, thank you so much for your note to me.
Funny, how the answers really are simple, "no smoke & mirrors".No "great mystery" to be solved.
Just do what you love, how simple is that?
That meany, "self doubt", is a killer.
It can wipe out your train of thought in one swift motion.
I think I am going to make a sign , put it over my door, "No Self Doubt ALLOWED !"

Anonymous said...

It is coming along nicely, not to tight but accurate.

Did I read you were/are a physician but liked doing Quickbooks so much you traded in your stethoscope for a brush?

Can you still prescribe? I have a nasty floss cut on my upper gum. I was thinking I might make it through the month with a few vicodin.

Bonnie Mann said...

I really like this one! You receive so many nice comments on your work here in the gallery. Makes me proud to be associated!

Susan Carlin said...

Hey, thanks, Ya'll!
Amy, how about a sign that says, "As an artist, what I say GOES!" Same sort of message with a positive emphasis.
You're a riot, Bill. No Vicodin here, sorry.
Bonnie, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!

Ann Reyes said...

Congratulations, Susan, on being in the Hill Country Exhibition!!! That's so exciting!

I just love your Doggie! I hope I can watch you paint this Sunday. I really missed not seeing you last time. Can you explain how I can see you paint and also see the photo you're looking at? I know some viewers did that.

The man and horse are looking nice! I still say, "You're amazing!"

Jimmie Bartlett said...

Congratulations on your acceptance to the exhibition. I know you will excel. Thanks for the tips and enthusiasm you shared with us when we visited your gallery last week. I was lucky to see the man/horse painting in progress during the visit; and, am eager to see it when finished.