The Gallery is Open....... It's Time to Party!

Click on announcement above to enlarge... please come to the party!

(Want to see more? Click here to see a Slideshow of the Gallery-23 photos with captions.)

Some cool moments:
-Working on a commissioned portrait in the beautiful north light that fills the room from a bank of five very tall, side-by-side windows. It's a dream fulfilled. I've worked in some very bad light over the years...
Believe me, the difference is amazing.

-Walking through the gallery and giving a live, narrated video tour of the gallery for the great folks who tuned in for my Wednesday online painting session about 8 days ago. (The tour part is just the first 10 minutes or so of the video... the rest is of a figure painting I'm working on.)

-Getting to know some of the artists whose works the gallery represents. I haven't met them all yet, but since I love their work, I expect that they're pretty cool, too.

Thank you to everyone who's sent good wishes and congratulations...
It means more than I can say.

Please, if you're anywhere near San Antonio on Saturday, October 2nd, come help us celebrate the gallery's opening from 4-8 p.m. The music will be wonderful, the refreshments will be yummy and the art will be beautiful. And if you're here, the company will be fabulous!!!