Day Ten- 30 Paintings in 30 Days- Julie

12x16 oil on stretched canvas
Julie was one of our AirBnB guests recently and while showing her my growing lot of 30 in 30 paintings it struck me that I'd like to paint HER.  She agreed to let me take a few snapshots before she headed off to the airport.  Tonight I gave a start on this while listening to the President's Farewell address.  Now that I've backed up and looked more objectively at it, I think I'd like to develop it further than a quick study. So I plan to come back to it later and see about giving it all I've got.
Thank you again to the sweet folks who kept me company online as I painted. I was a terrible host tonight but I do appreciate you very much!


Barbara Muir said...

Love it. You amaze me. It is perfect right now.


martine paquet said...

Lovely portrait, Susan!