Day Eighteen- 30 Paintings in 30 Days- Solo Pear

Solo Pear
12x12 oil on canvas
Unlikely companions, these. But they all leaned in when I asked them to, so they are now officially friends, having shared the experience of posing for me this evening.  The cup and the pot seemed to be hitting off especially. The pear, I fear, will be the third wheel at their reunions.

Day 19:
Girl As Horse
12x12 oil on canvas
Someone knitted this little girl a way to be a horse.  Maybe a dream realized.  I don't think she's practicing "fake it til you make it."  She just gets to be one.  My daughter demanded that I turn her into a bird once. Actually more than once, and vehemently with fists clenched and feet stomping. So determined to make me do that miracle for her.  I thought of myself as fairly witchy in those days and yet knew myself to be sorely lacking in the ability to make her dream come true.  Maybe if I'd known how to knit?


Jo Castillo said...

They seem to fit together well in your painting. I like when you can eat the models when done! Good shapes and lines with the cloth, too. Applause!

Cindy Gillett said...

Love you comments about them...very sweet little trio Susan!

Barbara Muir said...

I like the thought of still life being a recording of a
human event. This is one. The person not in the scene
sat down for a cup of coffee using the old pot, and then
thought hmm, I need some fruit and grabbed a pear.