Day Five- 30 Paintings in 30 Days- Reading

12x12 oil on stretched canvas
I painted this online tonight... about 2 and a half hours, I think.  Each one of these 30 in 30 could be developed further, but I'm going to try to be content with what I get in a shorter amount of time... one that leaves some evening for reading!  I'm a member of a great neighborhood book group and my partner and I are actually hosting this next one... on Monday. Have I read my book? Er, nope. So I've got some speed reading to do! 
Thank you again for everyone who kept me company on tonight! 


Pattie Wall said...

Yay - sorry have been too busy painting, but noticed you are off and running with 30 in 30 - love this one, and I know what you mean about feeling like more development needs to occur, practice is what it is, practice at prolificness - wait, hey that's a word! This one is lovely! Better start reading! and Paint on!

Barbara Muir said...

Love it,

Wonderful Susan.