Day Four- 30 Paintings in 30 Days- Teresa

16x20 oil on stretched canvas. 
Teresa is hugely important and beloved in our family. She loves my daughter and takes care of her when we give a workshop or go out of town or even when they just cook up an excuse for a good time together.  Teresa is generous in spirit and gorgeous in person, so there's no way I could portray her accurately enough, but I enjoyed the evening talking with her as I painted as fast as I could! This is from a two hour painting flinging session tonight. Wish I had many more hours to tinker and adjust this view of her, but, of course, I'm doing 30 paintings in 30 days, so this is where it's frozen in time. Ah, me. I hope you can get a glimpse of the magnificent Teresa in this wild sketch.


Jo Castillo said...

I'm really liking your quick paintings. This is amazing! Hugs.

Barbara Muir said...

Hey Susan,

I hope that you don't mean what you say. You've produced a Sargent
equivalent in an evening. Awesome.