Progress on small portrait from video

I went to the gallery today and worked on this painting a couple of hours and thought I'd post its progress. It's inching along well, I think. I hope to have it completed by tomorrow night so it'll have time to dry, be varnished, dry again, then be shipped to Louisiana for Mother's Day.

It's Mary Shepard's day at the gallery so we got to catch up a bit. She goes on a painting trip each spring with a great group of artists and has just returned. La Villita was already cleaned up from last night's revelry and looked ready for tonight's NIOSA. Amazing.


Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Susan, I started my blog in Nov. It has been a wonderful tool for me. I had to teach myself, but ,oh my, how much I have learned. I really was unaware of this blog world, till I quit my job as a full time master scenic artist.Time was not on my side.
Thoe ,I do love scenic work, I have always been a portrait artist. So, I quit, and am working away, so happily on my own art.
Do pop by my blog, let me no what you think. Thanks ,Amy

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...
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Cathy Geib said...

I love watching your progress on the portrait! Keep it up! I would love to see one in pastel as well.