Completed small oil commission and Blogs!

I took this photo inside the gallery (fluorescent lights) before I left last night but should have taken the painting out into natural light to take the photo. You're not seeing the range of colors in the face with these photos, but wanted to post them anyway to show the completed painting.

Three artist friends wrote to urge me to leave the painting alone after the last post. They worried I'd lose the loose, fresh look of the more painterly beginning. I honestly did have more to do, but hope I was able to retain those qualities. The client loves it, so I'm happy. I appreciate the feedback so much! Thank you to those who wrote.
Big excitement- I'm putting together a one-day workshop on the "Art of the Blog," or "Artists, Start Your Blogs." Clearly, I need to find a good title, but the idea is to show people the reasons and uses for a blog and how to start and keep one of their own. Artists especially need blogs, in my opinion, but anyone could have a blast with one. Workshop dates coming soon.
Oh, and I now have the means to project the computer screen so all can see what I'm doing in the workshop, and a way to project live feed from the webcam, so I can do demonstrations and folks won't have to sit on one side of the room to see what I'm doing. If your group would like me to come do a program for one of your meetings, I'd be happy to paint for you and talk about what goes on in the head of an artist as she creates.
Edited later: creating a backlink to another blog: here.


Pattie Wall said...

Beautiful portrait, Susan! I think the others were right. It is perfect the way you left it!

Jo Castillo said...

The portrait is great. Even cropped it looks good!!

The blog workshop sounds great! Have fun.

K. said...

What a gorgeous face, and I love the colors.

BipolarLawyerCook said...


You will think I am crazy (and I am, of course, but not about this) but your paintings remind me of Rembrandt's, the way you capture the clarity and truth of peoples' eyes and expressions.

BipolarLawyerCook said...
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