First day of color on the airport gate painting.

It feels so good to take my time. Well, I do have the deadline in mind, but the old imperative to have a painting done in the same day it was started is not present. I've come to have affection for these people I'm painting. They seem so patient, it's rubbing off, I suppose. I've rearranged a couple of things from the photos to make a better composition. A lot of the intensity of color of these first strokes will reduce as I go along, FYI.
Today I took 22 paintings to Seguin to hang at the community center there. What a nice space! And the woman who invited me to be their artist of the month, Ann Leithead, is just terrific. Feel like I made a new friend. I haven't seen so many of my paintings hanging in one place since my last Garden Party Art Show. Next Monday at 10:30 a.m. I'll be doing a demonstration portrait painting there for at least two hours. Not sure what or who my subject will be. If anyone out there would agree to sit for that time, speak up. Otherwise, I suppose I'll work from a photograph.
Thanks for posting comments, Ya'll. I appreciate it! Nighty night.


Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián said...

This airport painting- I love it!
I loved it right away, from the very first sketch (your previous blog entry).
I want to buy an oil or pastel from you, Madame Sooz... WHERE CAN I FIND YOU???
Love from- Transatlantic:

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Elisabeth! I was just thinking of you yesterday. I'm glad you like the one I'm doing now. I'm enjoying the process of it. I got just a bit worried this morning that the fellow in the middle is just a bit too much in the middle. Like a bull's eye. So I need to distribute the focus... make sure that the other figures in the painting keep the eye moving. This is my competition piece for the Austin Pastel Society which needs the digital file submitted by the 13th. Another is due the 10th. On the subject of silence. Hmmm. Of course I'd love for you to have a painting of mine. Did you come up with a photo? An idea? Thanks for staying in touch! Susan