Beginning of a pastel with multiple subjects

First, further refinements on the painting of the living room. Then....FINALLY decided on the subject- actually, many subjects- of a new pastel painting. 24"x18" on medium-toned Kitty Wallis sanded pastel paper of a scene I took photos of in the Phoenix airport, Sky Harbor. I was waiting for my plane to arrive and noticed these people arranged so appealingly in their wait for the plane. I admit I didn't ask permission, but just took a series of four photos as though I had. I did ask permission to take photos of a woman sitting alone reading a magazine. But these were more interesting, I thought. I've never painted this many people in one painting before, so will just have to see how it goes. I'm racing a deadline, so will know soon enough. I'll post progress pix as I go. This is the rudimentary sketch. Will sketch a bit more until I'm sure where everything will go, then will dive on in.
Sure appreciate it when you leave comments!
Happy New Year, Ya'll.


Anonymous said...

The living room painting sure looks good. Did you darken the shadows? It looks richer.

I can't wait to see your airport painting. It looks like a challenge!

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Brendy! I think I just did a stronger contrast on the image in photoshop. I'm loving the painting, surprisingly. Guess it's a clue to do more interiors. I'll try to work on the Sky Harbor painting later this evening and will try to post the progress. What are you working on these days??? Susan