Demo tonight in Austin was fun!

I was extremely nervous to be in front of "my people" and doing a portrait from a sitting so quickly again, but Libby Peters introduced me in very complimentary terms and everyone made me feel appreciated and at ease. Jan Frazier agreed to sit for me and did a great job of handling all that focus. The room was packed and I don't think everyone had chairs! I asked for them to keep the questions coming so my brain was working as fast as my fingers.
I totally forgot to get a photo of the portrait when it was done (or as done as it could be in that short a time...) If anyone was there who took a photo of it, I'd love to be able to post it here- hint, hint! I did put it in a simple frame under glass at the end and Jan wanted it to give to her husband. Nicest compliment ever. I love her work so much.
Sherrie Allyn and Morgan drove up with me and helped carry everything in, along with Johanne Morin who met us outside. Holly Trap helped us carry it all back out again.
I'd gotten very lost on the way, so raced in moments before the meeting started. I'd been feeling so smug, too, about getting up to Austin early enough for a visit to Jerry's Artarama before the meeting. Got a couple of frames and a fine weave 18"x24" canvas in order to start an oil portrait commission of two beautiful children. As soon as I complete the Caldo pastel, I'll get started on the oil.
If anyone reads this who was at the demo, please leave a comment to assure me I'm not just talking to myself, will you?
Good night, All!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sooz, I was there in spirit! Glad to hear it was a success. I'm looking forward to seeing progress on the Caldo guys.