Small Riverwalk painting

This is a 6" x 8" oil on canvas panel that I thought I finished..... and now that it's a small photo on my monitor, I see that I still have a few things to change. The walking man's calf is too pasty and the tree too prominant, and the blue railing sloping. Drat! I've already spent maybe 5 hours on this painting so there's no way to get my time back out of it unless I make prints. Am I the only one who thinks like that? I'll go ahead and push publish and then see what I can do to improve the oddities and will post it again later. My dad took the reference photo when he was visiting. I took a couple of boats out and moved the walking couple further back into the painting. I'll post the photo with the improved version in a bit.


Jo Castillo said...

Susan, I agree on the leg. The tree isn't important to me or the tiny slope on the rail. You put so much information in this small painting. Nicely done.

Susan Carlin said...

Thanks, Jo. I also saw that a bit of the table was missing where the two are sitting in the right foreground. Amazing what you don't see until you put the painting in thumbnail form on a monitor!