New video... still cooking..

Well, I'll post the video here when it's done.

I'm trying to post an entry each day this month.... a small challenge I've given myself... and I made a 30 minute painting video today, called (oddly enough) 30 Minute Oil Painting, that I'm attempting to process at Google Video. It seems a bit hung up somewhere in the process. Let me tell you it was a small idea that has taken over the remainder of my day and evening. Thirty minutes of painting and 4-5 hours of work at the computer. Hmmm. Of course, it would help if I knew what I was doing. The painting isn't done, but it's as much as I could do in the time I allotted myself. Someone might want to see the video, so I'm posting it, but you won't hurt my feelings if you skip it. If you do watch it, know that you'll probably have to turn your sound up all the way to hear what I'm saying. There are all sorts of odd noises are in the background, too, since I was at the gallery and the door was wide open.
I'm looking forward to finishing up the painting tomorrow.

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