Jazz Players at Jim Cullum's on the Riverwalk

Some of you may know the Jim Cullum Jazz Band from National Public Radio. It broadcasts from the Riverwalk here in San Antonio. I was walking with Karen after work the other night and took some photos of these fellows as we passed by and painted them today. The sax player is the one I painted with the blue hat a couple of weeks ago from a different photo.
This is an oil on gessobord, 6" x 6". While I was painting it, I got to have several magical conversations with people who walked in the gallery. The woman of one couple may be a distant cousin of mine- her mother's maiden name was Carlin and hailed from the same part of the country my Carlins are from. I had several other coincidental connections with them, too.
I love my work! (You've probably figured that out already, right?)


Barb said...

You are such a talented woman! I love to look at your work - uummm - I mean your passion! It shows!

Do you still do the bookclub?

Frank Gardner said...

Nicely done Susan.
I like the two cowboy portraits too.
Do you paint every day that you are at your gallery?
I have a gallery here that I am at part time. I don't get a chance to paint every time I am there though.

Susan Carlin said...

Thanks, Barb. Ok, I'm blank. Do we know each other from a book club? Are you one of the folks who was interested, but couldn't attend? Solve the mystery for me, ok?

Susan Carlin said...

Thanks, Frank- The short answer is, "yes, most days." The long answer I'll send by email. I much prefer the days I paint to the ones I don't. I do try to paint at least half the work day and a good day is ALL day!