Mom's Amazing... On my way home.

Here's a peek at my Alive-And-Well mom. This is from this morning after a command domino game (my brother and I complied) when she was going to work on a crossword puzzle. She realized she was pooped after I took this picture, so the puzzle still awaits our attention. Since then she's been relieved of her catheter, has sat up and stood up on her own with a walker in front of her, pulled her knees up to her waist a few times, sat back down and got herself back in bed without help. Wow! While I was gone on an electronics errand this afternoon she took a walk around her bed, used the potty chair and walked back! I wish I could've watched. This is incredible stuff. It winds her pretty much, but she's doing it.
My daughter and I are heading back home tomorrow and it looks like my brother can remain another day, so Dad and Mom will be on their own Sunday morning. I hate to leave, but it's time for them to figure this out as a couple. I heartily support them and will have to do that without hovering.
Thanks to all who've sent notes of support!


Sharon said...

Wow, Susan, you have a tough genetic pool for sure! So glad for your Mom. Be safe on your trip home.


Susan Carlin said...

Thanks, Sharon. I've gotten your message at home. 15 hours straight on the road and we're here. You're right about the gene pool. You can't kill any of us with a stick. I feel like we dodged a big ol' bullet this time, though. Dad wrote that Mom had dinner tonight at the dining table in her wheelchair. Before going to bed last night I got her into the wheelchair and took her in every room of their house. She hadn't been out of the bedroom in 7 days. She sorted out the contents of her purse and now life's back on track. Thanks for the kindness, Sharon.

mr jp said...

I'm at a stage of my life too when I'm beginning to feel like I want to take care of my parents instead of the other way round. It feels nice really ..

Oh , I like your art :)