My 30 Paintings in 30 Days, January 2017

January 1-30, 2017
This month really opened my eyes. Here's to the future!

Day Thirty- 30 Paintings in 30 Days- John

10x20 oil on canvas

John is our neighbor and a super sweet guy. I really relished getting time to know him a bit better. 

Okay. John's portrait is my thirtieth painting this month. Whew.  It's been VERY good for me to participate in this challenge.

Thank you for sending positive energy while I painted my way through January!  It took a bit of stamina to make myself paint the 2-6 hours each day. Yesterday, it was actually 9 hours, maybe more.  But I've come out on the other end a lot stronger and more confident and with a renewed notion that I AM a painter, and that I do love to paint and I want to develop my skills and add to them. I think I was beginning to think all that was in the past for me.

So, I will commit to actively searching out worthy subject matter and making painting a regular part of my life again. I'm grateful to have other painters and friends with whom to share the journey.  Thank you!

Day Twenty-Nine -30 Paintings in 30 Days - Sam

10x20 oil on canvas

Sam is a neighbor, fine artist, graphic designer, improv troupe member, wonderful conversationalist and who knows what else? I'm just getting to know her, but it was a pleasure to paint her today.

Day Twenty-Eight - 30 Paintings in 30 Days - Mo

11x14 oil on canvas
My daughter offered to pose for a photo so my 28th day's painting could be of her. I really enjoyed this one. It was painted in three spurts: Before and after she and I went to see Tom Hanks in Inferno, and after we went to see an Improv show nearby.  
Thanks always to the small core of artists who come by to be good company as I paint online!

Day Twenty-Seven -30 Paintings in 30 Days - Good Novel

Good Novel
12x16 oil on canvas
I love images of people reading, can you tell? Even out in public, if I see someone with a book I'm shameless in trying to figure out what they're reading. If I can't see the title, I often just ask. I wonder what this fellow is lost in?   I'm guessing it's a novel.  Adventure? Spy?  Mystery? Well, it's a mystery to me.

Day Twenty-Six- 30 Paintings in 30 Days - Idalina

12x14 oil on canvas panel
Ok, the REAL Idalina is ever so much lovelier than my poor painting. But this is what I managed to slap down in about two and a half hours.  Heavens! This 30 painting marathon is taking a toll on my painter's pride.  It's so hard to let an evening's work suffice for the task at hand.  It's accomplishing the overall objective... to oil up my rusty painting muscles and rusty painting brain... but it's wearing on my need to turn out something worthy. 

Day Twenty-Five- 30 Paintings in 30 Days- Surveying Her Queendom

Surveying Her Queendom
Before... almost.
16x20 oil on canvas panel
The Before was a painting I did in a workshop nine years ago, when I was just new at oil painting. I forgot to take a picture of it until I'd already sketched in a cowgirl hat, so you'll have to mentally remove that to see the Before.  I remember the great Judith Carducci looking at my efforts and speculating that I might have cataracts.  It really threw me.  As it turns out, I've had that confirmed, now these years later.  I don't know why I kept the painting. It had been of the model in the workshop and I couldn't see any use for the thing, but kept not tossing it.  Today when I was rooting around for a panel to paint on, I came across this "Before," and thought maybe I'd paint over it.  But then I thought of her as a Cowgirl... and two hours later she was a rancher out "Surveying Her Queendom." A much better ending for that old start, I think. It's more cleavage than most ranchers might show, I suppose, but maybe she just got up and threw her jacket over her nightgown...?  Hey, it could happen!