All 30!

A Month Of Paintings
This experience was good medicine. I'm better for it.  I'm humbled by it. Challenged to go on.

After a wee bit of rest.

Day Thirty! Lean On Me

Lean On Me
I'm Done!! If I were more awake, I'd tell you more about this painting. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day Twenty-Nine - Trio of Pears

Trio Of Pears
10x10 oil on stretched canvas
Virginia thinks these pears have had a big night on the town and are now leaning on each other for support.  I like that! 
What is it about seeing your painting tiny on a screen that lets you finally see all that's wrong with it???   I see, of course, that I'll need to fiddle with the ellipse of the tray rim before I let it loose.  Otherwise, I think it can go out into the world and be a painting. Not an underpainting, not a good start, not a junior painting, but a grown up, graduate painting, with a mortarboard and tassel and everything. Ok, maybe, but only when I fix the ellipse. Maybe.

Day Twenty-Eight - Daughter Dear

Daughter Dear
11x14 oil on (white) canvas
This feels like a worthy underpainting... I hope to come back to this one and develop it further.

Day Twenty-Seven - Prop Shelfies

Prop Shelfies
12x24 oil on stretched canvas
I struggled, I growled, I might've sworn a little under my breath. Painting on a black gessoed surface is something I hope to never do again.  Karin Jurick does it every day. My hat is off to her. Just like when you paint on white, even light colors look dark, when you paint on black, even black looks light. Grrrr.  I do like the shapes, so when this painting sets up and I stop growling at it, I would like to develop it further.    In the meantime, this is what I accomplished today. 

Day Twenty-Six - Moving Forward, Looking Back

Moving Forward Looking Back
18x24 oil on stretched canvas
Something different. An idea I had, and I wanted to see if I could get it across. You'll have to let me know.

Day Twenty-Five - Nancy and Lucky

Nancy and Lucky
12x16 oil on a slick-as-grease gesso panel  grrrrr
Nancy and I have been friends online for maybe 25 years... since we met on an artist's group on Prodigy... remember Prodigy? Anyway, we only managed to meet once, years ago, but we have cheered each other on ever since.  If you're lucky enough to be Nancy's friend, you wish you could live next door. I wish that.  This is one of Nancy's lucky horses, named Lucky, as luck would have it.