Start on Samy -oil portrait commission

16x12 oil on stretched canvas. Just two and a half hours in, but managed to get it sort of blocked out. I debated whether to delete this image, as I see many many corrections that must be made, now that I've moved back and taken a good look. The high key values and the little contrast of the photo are making me want to put in contrast that isn't there, so I'll have to watch that. Thank you for the good company as I painted!


Jo Castillo said...

Argh! The ballgame was postponed and I sat at the computer about 530 and then ??? I forgot to come back to your painting. :( Sorry.

This looks like a wonderful start. I like the pose and colors.

Barbara Pask said...

Susan, This was fun to watch and great the family was there participating. You always will amaze me how quickly you get a likeness. Oh come on, paint some darks you don't see, lol.