Desmond O'Hagan workshop- 1st day

Desmond O'Hagan is a terrific painter and is giving us (the Austin Pastel Society) a three day workshop at the Windberg Art Center.

Jo Castillo took this photo of me working on my first painting of the day.

Perfect Lemon, 9x12 pastel
After the above painting, I did another 6x6 pastel of Casa Rio on the Riverwalk, then started an 8x10 pastel of my parents (from behind) as they walked through Walmart looking for gloves. Desmond has given me his permission to work in oil, too, during the workshop, so I think I will switch to oil after the painting of my folks. Desmond's focus is painting more simply, more loosely, which is always helpful to attempt. I'll let you know how I do.


Regina Calton Burchett said...

Nice light and shadows, Susan - so glad you're enjoying the workshop!

Joanna said...

Do me a favor and try to keep my mama out of trouble, will you? :) Thanks.

PS: The comment verification word is "burial"! It's rare that it's a real word. But, "burial"? Wow.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

Amazing light, colour and composition, and deliciously loose.
You are just so good. Desmond must be
delighted that you are in his workshop.


Anonymous said...

these pastel's you've done in your workshop are a delight Susan. Lucky you getting to attend a workshop, they are always so much fun.