Finish of large pastel... title?

Ok, it's framed, so I guess it's done. I added a little starfish behind the boy purely for composition... trying to make sense of all that space there. My camera punches up blues, I think. I mean, it's blue, but not quite this intense. This is a pastel, 22"x28" framed in an ornate gold frame under non-glare glass. Now if only I knew what to call this. "Shell"? "Treasure"?
Any ideas? I'd need to know by noon tomorrow, if anyone thinks of something better.


Karen Jensen said...

Lovely, Susan. How about, "Look!"

Sharon said...

Great Job...I'd go for Shell 101..

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Am I too late for suggestions? If not, here are some thoughts for titles:
"Making Memories"
"Treasured Memories"
"Reflections at the Beach"
"Collecting Precious Memories"