Walk right in to the Write-In!

Tonight was a laugh fest. Kathy came, and I got to meet Terrie, another participant in NaNoWriMo, and those two had me whirling and grinning trying to keep up with their quick wit. Robert with the beautiful smile joined us at our booth and we got to meet several other relatively mature participants, too. The majority of participants are under 22, it seems. Terrie had brought along an extra laptop for me to use so there was a moment there when we all were writing companionably in silence. Didn't last long. Someone would say something silly and off we'd go. I think i only added 500 words or so to my word count there. Added a little more when I got home.

Packed up the "Beautiful Man" portrait tonight as I found I'd received payment for it while I was gone. Also listed the painting of Morgan the model today. Today, too, I got a commission to do a small oil of an adorable miniture dachshound. Should be a fun project.

Oil landscape painting for the next three days. I'll post pix as I go along.

Got the Halloween decorations put away today. I get them out and hate to put them away so fast. Same with Christmas, too, come to think about it. Lots went right today...got gas for $2.07 a gallon, returned a chair without the receipt (where could it have gone?)... amazing. Made a new friend. Wonderful.

Go have fun, now. Y'hear?

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