This week's paintings...

The painting (commissioned) of the couple was done from a black and white photo from 1974 for their 30th anniversary. 11x14.

The painting of the dog (also commissioned) was done from a jpg attachment to an email. 14x11

The two of the woman were done at Coppini on Thursday. Same model, but when I got the paintings home I played with the faces until they looked less the same. Both are 9x12 on panel.

I'm eager to paint something strictly of my own choosing now. Although I might go ahead and put the finishing touches on the three unframed landscapes from Myra's workshop first and list them.

Overslept this morning...up way too late. Going to a later Harry Potter showing.
The oranges from our tree are magnificent this year. Had FOUR before bedtime!
-Susan, Orange Glutton

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Anonymous said...

I especially like the composition of the last painting of the model...slightly turned toward the viewer, eyes inward, and plenty of room between the face and the edge of the picture. My favorite is the dog, so loving and sweet looking, with enough forground and background to firmly place him into a comfortable setting. Yummy!