Women Friends as Goddesses

I've just finished cleaning up after my time to host our monthly potluck. I've been meeting with this group of women for over 10 years now and we've seen each other through many changes. We studied the various goddesses over the first years and tried to see the metaphors and the value they held for the people who worshiped them. And over that time I've begun seeing these women as goddesses of a sort themselves. There's the fiery fast physical one who makes decisions in a flash (too much alliteration?), the quiet thoughtful wise one who with a word can soothe and set back on track a sister who's careening around a bend, the relaxed wounded one who's made her peace with the war she survived, the bright bubbly outgoing one who retreats to a secluded kitty-filled, deer-surrounded home between forays into the world of movie making, the young political dynamo, the careful easily-bruised wickedly brilliant one with a lightning wit and a loyal heart, and me. There are others in our group, too. Each with the characteristics of a beautiful goddess with lessons for those who attend her. On top of all that we eat extraordinarily well.
Tomorrow I paint!

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