Stroll on the Riverwalk

Karen and I saw a great one-woman play by Marga Gomez last night and then went on downtown to walk along the Riverwalk, then sat and had margaritas and watched the tourists and talked. I felt a little touristy myself and took a couple of pictures of the Alamo. After doing the painting of the Alamo for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas last month, it was interesting to see it up close and with all the dramatic night lighting. I'm looking forward to their Gala on October 6th and watching the painting being bidded on during the auction. I'm starting to fret over what one wears to a Gala, though. Help!


Linasolopoesie said...

thanks of the visit, the Italino you do not understand it but if I write to you in English you do not have the translator?
Good day, with the augury of one happy week
I embrace to you affettuosamte. Lina

Karen Jensen said...

I am so glad that the ranger made it into the photo--complete with hat and jaunty stance!

Linasolopoesie said...


I have written this poetry you see finds it beautiful or not!
I repeat sottovoce
that it must living
memories when there is some are only remained little of days. That one
that and' passed and'
like if not never it had been.
The past and' a lace that it tightens
the throat and to
mind, and removes energies
in order to face the present. The past
and' only
smoke of who has not lived.
we have seen does not count piu' nothing.
The past and
future they are not realta' but only
ephemeral illusions. We must get rid of the time and living
present jackets' does not exist other
WONDERFUL time that this and AND