A new pastel portrait start

This is such a fun story. Last year I'd been saying to someone that I'd love to see one of the portraits I did back in the 70's. And a couple of days later I got an email from a woman in Arkansas I'd done a portrait for in 1979! It was of her daughter, then four. Now the daughter has a four year old son and she was wanting a portrait of him to hang with the daughter's portrait. Cool, no? Well, I got the photos of the original and the little boy a few days ago and got to spend some hours working on the start yesterday. Still much to go, but thought I'd post the "so far" here.
Yesterday I had my one-day-a-month painting with my friends Mary and Donna, this time out at Mary's Hill Country home. It's so great to get that time together. Mary and Donna worked on watercolor paintings and I did this pastel. The conversations are always expansive and thought-deepening.

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