Blog Workshop was wonderful!

Twelve wonderful artists spent the day with me, taking notes, asking questions, adding terrific asides and making plans for their own blogs. Three or four already have theirs started and want to really use them well. Most were starting from scratch, but I could see the wheels a-turning in their minds about their blogs-to-be. It's hard to believe we actually finished at 3:30, since there was so much to cover. I think there was the slight scent in the air of overcooked cerebrum toward the last. I can't wait to see the baby blogs as they emerge!

The artists who attended were: Sherrie Allyn, Donna Bland, Ann Seago, Marilyn Moore, Chris Armes, Beckah Krahula, Brigitte Tuttle, Jay Lauver, Bonnie Mann Eddleton, Susan Raine, Judy Korge and Mary Shepard. I was showing them the little video camera- Flip Video- that I used for the videos on my blog and just turned it on and swung it around toward their faces. Everyone went suddenly silent except Mary, who was the grande finale of the 14 seconds it was recording. Love that Mary.

Thank you all for making this such a great day!


solopoesie said...



Love is
Life is passion.
is suffering in solitude, is the feeling
for excellence in giving without receiving.
Love is nourishing the soul
with others
sweetness, dissedarlo with a caress, vestirlo of kisses, sometimes wash it with our tears. Sometimes the heart weeps and if he does and just because there is so much
love inside if, can not pretend, only releasing
these drops
dew succeed in quenching thirst other arid hearts, hoping maybe one day


Jo Castillo said...

Susan, it looks like you were all having fun! Sounds like a successful workshop. Good work.

chrisarmes said...

Susan, It was a great workshop. I learned sooooooo much. Thanks

Bonnie Mann said...

Hi, Susan!
The workshop was great. I had such fun just anticipating applying all I was learning...and got on my "baby" blog the minute I got home from the class. You are so good at teaching, be it art or blogging. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

ChrisB said...

Hello from beautiful Taos! Glad to hear that the workshop went so well, even though I knew it would be great! :o)

Susan Carlin said...

Thanks Jo, Chris A, Bonnie and Chris B! It was just a blast-for me, at least! I may even want to do it again sometime. Maybe a shorter, less detailed format as an introduction to blogging for art groups. We'll see.