Up to speed on the novel

Ok, so I was asleep, right? First time in days that I was going to get anywhere near eight hours. And in my sleep I remembered I needed to add to my word count on my novel. So, 45 minutes later, I'm now 68 words past my quota for 7 days worth. I really need one of my characters to do something naughty soon. They're all so dang GOOD.

I'd been piling up plastic containers on the kitchen counter to wash (Heloise? Can I put Glad storage containers in the dishwasher?) and hadn't made any real food in a few days due to my schedule lately. Tonight I washed everything and made a big batch of super tuna salad to live on another day until this workshop is over. I'm going back to bed and hope my brain doesn't discover anything else I forgot to do.

Night night.


Becky said...

Such a gooooooood girl! Sounds like you're living at my house, except cleaner. I heard Libby say the other day that she is careful not to do any unnecessary cleaning.

Sharon said...

I know too well about the main characters being waaay to good. But the killer, well, had a good side at one time.